Monday, July 29, 2013

C. Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist

Today we are moving back to a product that I first tried in last month's Glossybox, the products included with July's box didn't do much for me and I gave several of them away already.  The July box theme was all about product that were blue (or inspired by the color blue) and were all about summer beauty.  I wasn't really interested in a box full of summer products at the end of July, I have been thinking about fall for the past few weeks now and don't have any place in my beauty product collection for more summer products.  There is a pretty good chance that I will not get to use any of them yet this year and they will wait until next May to be opened.  I find it interesting that a product in June's box will be better for fall than the ones in the July box.

When I got my June box, I was most excited about the Oscar de la Renta perfume samples and put most of the other products to the side.  I picked up one of the body products for the first time the other day, C. Booth was not a brand that I had ever used before and I was interested in trying a completely new body product brand.  I have so many Bath and Body Works and Body Shop products that I tend to have tunnel vision with body products and may not notice new brands (a habit that I need to change soon!) and I wanted to see what this line was all about.  The Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist was included in my box and this is the kind of fragrance that I love in the cold weather months.  I also used to love using oils on my skin during that time of the year and wish that Bath and Body Works still carried all the body oils that they used to when I started there in college.  Oil sprays seem to be harder and harder to find each year even though I find them to be one of the best moisturizers for dry skin.

I found the C. Booth products on the website and will be ordering more products from this company.  "This dramatically lightweight dry oil for face & body imparts a light, lasting glow for instantly touchable skin.  Elegant, nourishing oils quickly absorb to smooth & soften.  Infused with a gentle sweet blend of Honey & Almond, it's the ultimate aromatic indulgence for skin & the senses!"  This oil is very easy to use and the results of it are great for normal to dry skin.

I hold the bottle about six to eight inches away from my skin and then spray it twice over each part.  I then rub the oil into my skin for best usage.  You don't have to rub the oil in but I do recommend it and have used all kinds of spray oils in this fashion for quite a long time now.  The oil leaves very little residue when rubbed in but leaves more residue if you do not use it in this fashion.  I love the hydrating properties of this oil and it works as well as heavy moisturizers without the sticky feeling that many of them leave on the skin.  If you don't like the feeling that creams and butter leave on the skin, then you might want to try a dry oil and see how you like it.

I love the Honey Almond fragrance but I find it a bit to heavy to use in the summer months, this is a lovely blend of the two notes and I recommend it for a cold weather scent.  I saw on the website that this product also comes in a Tahitian Monoi scent that would be much better for the summer.  I also saw that the Honey Almond scent comes in a butter, a lotion, and a body wash and I will want to order and try all of the products in this fragrance.

I have found a new body product line to order products from and there will be many more reviews on the way from C. Booth!

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