Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries Mi Corazon

I have really been diving into last month's Glossybox and will start looking at my July box on my next day off from work (the July box actually contains a few items that I already own so I will not have many reviews to post on this box) and I am still loving nearly every product that I have tried from the box so far.  I can't wait to order more body products from C. Booth and will start using the Honey Almond oil as soon as the weather begins to get cooler.  The past two days I got back into the Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries perfume samples that I received in my first box and have tried out the last of the summer fragrances in this line.  I will hold out for a few weeks on the other samples and then start some of those reviews once the cool weather is on the horizon.  I am ready to shop for fall makeup but not quite ready to start thinking about cool weather fragrances yet.

Mi Corazon is the next fragrance in the Essential Luxuries series and so far I haven't found any of these fragrances that I have loved or considered one that I need for my collection.  Sargasso has potential but changed too much once it settled down and I liked it much less each time that I smelled it.  If Mi Corazon is not a good choice for me then I wouldn't be finding a good warm weather fragrance from this collection.  I am hoping that the cold weather fragrances from Essential Luxuries might be more to my liking...

Mi Corazon is sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue and I pulled the fragrance description and photos from their website.  "An unmistakable, white floral bouquet intrinsically associated with Mr. de la Renta's devotion to family and his passion for gardening embodied in a lush, creamy accord of tuberose and ylang-ylang that mingle with peach for a warm tropical twist and an intoxicating trail." 

I read the description of this fragrance before I tried it for the first time and knew that I would either love or hate this fragrance, I do very well with Tuberose but find Ylang-Ylang to be too sweet for me.  If the fragrance is not sweet and errs more on the floral side then this will be the clear winner so far from Essential Luxuries.  I have tried this fragrance twice now and I can see that this is another loser from this company and I am wondering if I will find any fragrance that I like in this group.

Mi Corazon is a very sweet and strong floral fragrance and the Ylang-Ylang note trumps all the others in this blend.  When I first tried this fragrance on my skin, the Peach notes came out very strongly and then the Ylang-Ylang followed.  I did not get very much of the Tuberose in Mi Corazon and was left with a strong mixture of Peach and Ylang-Ylang that was too sweet for me to ever wear.  I couldn't stand to smell this fragrance soon as spraying it on and this is obviously not a fragrance for me to wear on a normal basis.

The Essential Luxuries collection is turning into a huge dud for me, I had high hopes for all six of these fragrances and so far I have tried and disliked three of them.  I can only hope that the remaining three fragrances are more to my liking and that I find a new fragrance from those.  I will return to this collection later on at the very end of summer/early fall when I start thinking about new fragrances for the cool weather.

photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

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