Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist

I first began using Alterna hair products last year when I started out with a new salon and my stylist used the Kendi Hair Oil on my wet hair before styling it and I brought it before I even left the salon that day.  I then followed with purchasing shampoo and conditioner from this brand and it is now ranked as one of my favorite hair product brands.  I have used up my first bottle of the hair oil and have replaced earlier this year, I use it almost every single day to keep my hair smooth and hydrated before styling.  I have now discovered another version of this hair oil and bought it a few days ago at my salon, the spray oil is a lighter version of the product and I have been alternating the two oils and having wonderful results so far.

The Bamboo line of products from Alterna is made for smoothing and adding shine to the hair.  I have used styling products from this line and want to order the shampoo and conditioner to alternate with the color care formulas from this line and from Matrix.  I am so glad that I was introduced to this awesome hair care line!

"A weightless, nutrient-rich oil mist that protects hair from heat styling tools, enhances shine, and boosts hair's health.  This double-duty formula can be used as both a deeply nourishing treatment that helps to repair split ends and environmental damage, and as a color protecting style primer. Made with strengthening organic bamboo and smoothing organic kendi oil, it banishes frizz and imparts intense shine while providing vital nutrients."

"Bamboo extract and kendi oil contained in this product are eco-certified, fair-trade compliant, and certified organic. Their production and sale aid in supporting the development of local communities while remaining environmentally friendly. Free of gluten, TEA, and phthalates.", states the Sephora website in a product description. 

The website states that this product is best used on damp hair before styling but can also be used on dry hair to add shine to the finished product.  I have only used it on damp hair so I will need to try it the other way very soon and see how the results compare to the Fekkai Glossing Cream that I have been using for years.

I can only comment on how the product is used on dry hair and I have gotten great results from the use in this way and now I want to try it the other way too.  I spray the product from root to tip all over my hair and then start the blow drying process.  I have gotten to a point where I only blow dry using my fingers and try to never touch the brush to my hair, my hair is much smoother and easier to straighten when using this technique.  The product takes that even further, after just blow drying my hair is smoother than when not using one of these oils and much softer to the touch.  Both products perform equally well in this regard and both leave the hair cuticle soft and very shiny.  I can't say that one of the two versions of the oils are better than the other but I like having and using both of them, alternating the two helps keep build up from forming on my hair cuticle and reversing all the good effects of this product.

I love Alterna products and I would recommend these oils to anyone who has issues with frizz and dryness throughout the year.  I might recommend the spray oil version to those who has medium to thick hair and then the true oil only to those with thick or coarse hair, both versions will be too heavy for anyone with fine hair.  I have another winner to add to my hair product line up and I will continue to purchase both versions of the Kendi Oil.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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