Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara

After looking at the fall collection from Urban Decay earlier this week, I headed over to Sephora to rekindle my love of this company.   I wasn't able to get all the products that I wanted yet, some hadn't come in every shade and some were already sold out.  My first attempted shopping trip of the new fall collection was a bust but I did pick up a new item from this company.  Last month, I wrote about the 100% Pure Fruit Pigment Mascara that I was using and how it just wasn't doing it for me in both appearance and performance.  I can now add to that also seemed to try dry up in the tube much faster than most brands of mascaras (maybe a difference in the natural ingredients that are not found in other formulas) and I needed a new tube faster than I thought I would.  My tubes last about two and a half to three months for me and that formula gave up very soon after two months.

I have used a formula from Urban Decay before (the original Big Fatty) and I hated it...even before the tube broke after only having it for several weeks.  Urban Decay has now done away with that formula and has introduced a new series of mascara formulas and I was drawn to this counter after getting excited over the fall collection.  One of the formulas that was available is the Lush Lash formula and this is the one that I decided to purchase and try out.  I wanted a solid volumizing and lengthening formula and this one's description sounds like it will be one that will do the trick.

I bought this product at Sephora and it is also available on their website, I searched for it on the Urban Decay website but I didn't see it on there.  So Sephora it is for this product...  "A thickening and lengthening mascara formulated to help lashes actually grow longer.  This nourishing, thickening, and lengthening mascara is infused with peptides and moisturizing panthenol that allows your lashes to grow for a longer period of time. Its formula builds and beautifies so your lashes will grow longer and fuller over time. Used in conjunction with Urban Decay's Lush Lash System (Growth Accelerating Serum and Conditioning Mask), it provides additional lash nourishment. This very enduring formula is not technically waterproof, but there was zero smudging or running after road-testing it in a hot yoga class. The outer component features a lush swirl motif, and the large hourglass-shaped brush provides generous mascara distribution. It's the ideal mascara for anyone who suffers from brittle, fragile lashes, as well as those with great lashes who want to build and strengthen them even more."

I have been using this formula for four days now and I can already state that this is a much better formula that the previous one that I used from Urban Decay and better than the one from 100% Pure that I just threw away.  I like how this formula has nourishing and hydrating ingredients along with ingredients that will deliver the lengthen and volume that I require in a good mascara.  This formula is best for lengthening, it is one o the best formulas that I have used in that aspect.  The volumizing aspect is good but not the best that I have used , the formula is passable and works well enough for me to like this formula. 

The formula lengthens my lashes very nicely without clumping and this formula is never sticky or tacky.  Lush Lash enhances the volume of my lashes about double (against when I am not wearing anything at all) while still enhancing the definition of each individual lash.  It stated in the description that the formula is not considered to be "waterproof" but does perform in extreme conditions.  This formula has worn through many work outs for me (even the one when the air conditioning died the one morning) and I have not seen any running or smearing from this product.  This is a great formula for the summer months, it wears well in extreme weather and would be great for outdoor activities.  The wear on this product is above my expectations and I would recommend for anyone who is active when the weather is warm.

I wear one coat of this product for day and two for night.  One coat is enough to see a difference in the length and volume of my lashes. two really builds them up and this look is best reserved for going out at night.  Two coats would be too much for most professional environments or classes.

The mascara removes relatively well, a cotton ball with eye makeup remover gets about 80% of the product off and then the washcloth in the shower will clean the rest of it up.  This is one of the better formulas for clean removal and it performs much better in this aspect than the original Big Fatty formula from this company. 

Overall, this is a good quality mascara that works well for both lengthening and volumizing.  I have not seen any of the long term benefits and I personally believe that they will come more with the use of the full Lush Lash system and not just the mascara.  I doubt that I will see much of a difference in my bare lashes in the next four weeks but I will report back if I do.  This formula is the best in the warm weather months, it stays put in extreme workouts and temperatures and this aspect would be wasted in the winter months.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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