Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Yogurt Shower Smoothies

All of you know that I have been using Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa self tanners for the past two years and I consider them to be among the best of the tanners on the market.  This is quite a feat considering that I have used some of the best self tanners from Sephora before and this is the only one that even comes close in quality.  Since I love this product so much, I am all about looking for new summer products in the Spa collection and I always wish that Bath and Body Works would expand this great line of products even further.  This summer, the company has brought out a new product for the shower and I am willing to bet that this is a summer-only product (though I can hope that it stays a bit longer).

The Shower Smoothies are a new product line that is based off the popularity of the Mango and Raspberry line of body products that I was buying earlier in the spring.  Those two collections were discontinued at the Sale that just ended and now I see that they are back in the shower products only and a few other fragrances have joined the line up.  I am excited to buy a bunch of these smoothies and use them all summer long, I already own several of the Mango and Raspberry and now I need more of them!

"Our creamy yogurt-enriched shower gel is a nourishing cocktail that cleanses and replenishes skin.  Vitamin E and nutrient-rich fruit extracts provide the ultimate summer indulgence!  Ultra-refreshing body cleanser contains exfoliating apricot seeds.  Rich & creamy formula provides abundant lather."  Each of the smoothies contains special fruit extracts that make them unique and all worth purchasing!

In addition to the Mango and Raspberry, there are four more fragrances that are part of this collection and I have already starting collecting them even though they have only come out last Monday.  The other fragrances that are available are...

- Strawberry Banana
- Blueberry Vanilla
- Honeydew Kiwi
- Pineapple Papaya

My favorites so far are the Strawberry Banana and the Pineapple Papaya.  The Strawberry Banana is the perfect combination of the two fragrances and is perfect to layer with the Fresh Picked Strawberry Body Lotion from last spring.  Pineapple Papaya is heavy on the pineapple and a very unique, tart pineapple fragrance.  This is one that I own nothing like already and was very excited to add it to my collection.  The Honeydew Kiwi is very heavy on the honeydew note, I can barely smell the kiwi note at all.  Again, very unique and a welcome addition to my collection.  The Blueberry Vanilla smells like blueberries and cream and I have never smelled anything like this scent before. 

I already bought both of the Strawberry Banana and Pineapple Papaya and want to buy the other two also.  I think that I can skip over the Mango and Raspberry since I already own two of each scent, I stocked up when they went on sale since I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get them again.  Turns out...I shouldn't have been quite so worried. 

I have only used the Strawberry Banana so far and I have found that this type of product can be used in two different ways, it works well when applied directly to the skin or when applied to a puff.  I like it both ways but I think that I prefer it when used directly on the skin, I have found that it helps to prolong my self tan and keep my skin very hydrated.  This is a great formula for someone with dry skin or that have had reactions to certain types of foaming ingredients in other body washes.

I love this product line and I really hope that this line is permanent but I believe that it only out foe the summer months.  I am going to buy the two other fragrances that I need and I am even considering picking up more than one bottle of each fragrance.

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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