Sunday, July 21, 2013

Butter London Fall 2013 Collection - The Colour Clash Collection

Butter London has just released their fall nail polish collection and I couldn't be more ready to add more nail polish colors to my collection.  The last time I bought several bottles at once was at Sally Beauty Supply last June and they were all bright China Glaze colors.  I am ready for something new and we all know that I love Butter London's formula and all of the shades that they have brought out so far (and all the English names!) and this is exactly where I wanted to start my fall nail polish shopping.  I can't really say that there are any shades that I need except a black hue to do an accent manicure with.  I won't really be looking for black in many of the seasonal collections when I know that I can get it any time from China Glaze or Chanel.

The fall collection from Butter London is called The Colour Collection and actually reminds me more of a summer collection than the tradition jewel tones for the fall.  This is a company that would break the mold on the traditional fall shades and I am interested to see what they have brought out.  I see six new shades with this collection release and I am sure that I will want at least two or three of them.  I want to see how these shades will play out with some of the fall fashion trends that we have been seeing going down the runway since last Fashion Week.

There are six new shades to this collection and now it is time to start looking at them  I see a bright pink, a pretty periwinkle, and then bright yellow and orange hues.  I know that I will rule out the orange and yellow hues right away and I am just not sure how I will work some of these shades into my fall look, these might be best for the very end of summer and the very beginning of fall.  I think I could use the periwinkle shade into the fall but I am not sure about any of the others.

Here is the Colour Collection!

- Cotton Buds - An opaque, pure white crème. Wear under your lacquer to make colours pop!
- Cake Hole - An opaque, nearly neon pink crème nail lacquer. A pink so bright, it can’t be wrong!
- Giddy Kipper - Opaque, indigo shimmer.
- Pimms - Opaque, sunflower yellow crème.
- Silly Billy - Opaque, fire orange crème.
- Wellies - Soft lime crème.

I want two shades in this collection, Cake Hole and Giddy Kipper.  Cake Hole would be a shade that I wear right now but then put away about half way through September.  I would try matching it with a bright pink lipstick to extend the wear further into fall but I need to play around with this look before I would make the decision to extend the wear time longer than usual for summer shades.  I love the Giddy Kipper polish and would wear this now and I am pretty sure that I could take it all the way into fall.  This would be my first choice for the collection and is the one that I will order first.  Butter London is hard enough to order at Sephora and Ulta and I have to focus mostly on shades that I love when dealing with the painful ordering of these polishes.

I will be interested to see if the other large polish collections are made up of more traditional fall hues or they follow the bright trend that Butter London used on some of the runway collections.

photo courtesy of Butter London

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