Friday, October 11, 2013

Fitness Friday - Almonds

Today's Fitness Friday returns to healthy snacks and alternative sources of protein.  One of my least favorite aspects of the cooler weather is the lack of fresh fruit that I can easily buy.  I am making up for this by turning more to juices and trying to work seeds and nuts into my diet on a more regular basis.  Almonds have long been my favorite nut to snack on so we will tart with showcasing their benefits today and then I will start trying more out and featuring them in upcoming Fitness Fridays.

Many people tend to avoid almonds because they are very high in fat but many of the health benefits that they contain will overweigh the fat content.  Eating anything in moderation is the key and is the balance between the high fat content and the rest of the health benefits that are reaped from the nut.  I found an article about the nine health benefits that can be reaped from the regular consumption of almonds.  One of the best articles that I have found is from and I am pulling the nine major points from the article.

Almonds deliver a massive amount of nutrients.  This nut contains a good amount of fiber, protein, and Vitamin E.  Protein is essential to my diet and I always need new ways to find plant-based proteins as I do not eat meat.  Fiber helps one to feel full and will reduce the amount of the nut that is needed to be eaten.  Vitamin E helps with skin and hair health.  All in all, there are some great health benefits to be reaped from this tasty nut.

Almonds are loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants help with cell health and work to stave off oxidative damage to the external and internal organs.

Almonds are high in Vitamin E which protects your cell membranes from damage.  Vitamin E also works to prevent and reduce the effect of oxidative damage for inner and outer cell membranes.

Almonds can assist with blood sugar control.  This food contains a high amount of Magnesium which helps to regular blood sugar control and reduce the probability of Type 2 Diabetes.

Magnesium also have benefits for blood pressure levels.  Lowering blood pressure reduces the probability of heart attack and other cardiovascular disorders.

Almonds can lower cholesterol level.  This food helps to lower levels of LDL in the blood, leading to a reduction in the risk of heart disease.

Almonds prevent harmful oxidation of LDL cholesterol.  Lack of oxidation of LDL will help to stave off heart diseases.

Eating almonds reduces hunger, lowering your overall calorie intake.  Foods with high fiber and protein contents help you feel full longer so you will eat less and take less calories in.  This helps with weight loss.

Almonds are incredibly effective for weight loss.  Even though they have a high fat content, the fiber and protein contents overshadow this aspect of the nut.

I am working a serving or two of almonds into my day routine and using them as an afternoon snack right now.  I tend to go right to school or the gym after work and need something that will keep me feeling full for longer than most foods so that I am not binging on junk food in the later hours of the night.  I will keep adding more nuts into my diet and deciding what ones I like the most.

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