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MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Fall

I missed Rihanna's summer collection for MAC, I remember something about it only being a preview of one or two products and I completely missed the whole preview.  I remember that it came out when I was very busy with work and balancing a couple academic related items and by the time that I was able to get on the website, everything was sold out and I couldn't even click on the products to look at them and tell each of you what was available.  Well I am not missing the fall collection and today we are going to look at the RiRi Hearts MAC Fall collection, many beauty bloggers have been looking forward to this collection for months and I bet that many of the products will be totally sold out within the first few hours of the collection premiering online.

I am going to start by saying that I am not a Rihanna fan, I like her music and fully supported her through all the drama with Chris Brown several years back but I don't love her style and the way that she often presents herself in public.  Personally, I am not excited about this collection and I don't really believe that I will be buying much/anything from this new line.  I am in minority with my opinion here and I am sure that Rihanna's devoted fans will buy the whole collection within days of the release.  I felt that way when Lady Gaga did her stint with Viva Glam and I still value my last tube of the Original shade, one of my favorite MAC associates and I are still trying to match up this shade with something current so that I can continue my love of this lipstick after I have used up the last drop.

But for those of you that love Rihanna...I will fully report on this collection and maybe I will be proved wrong and liked some of the products and hues that she inspired.  I am humble enough to admit that I might be wrong and I don't know everything about beauty so let's check this collection out and see what products were inspired by this superstar!

"Rihanna premieres her perfect palette of fall colour - a range of decidedly daring yet classically gorgeous shades, finishes and tools, all encased in the metallic warmth of rose gold packaging. Lipstick in deep raisin, orange frost, creamy nude and the vivid red of RiRi Woo match gleaming Lipglass, while eyes in contrasting soft and smoky cocoas complement luminous skin."

Here is RiRi Hearts MAC Fall!

Eye Shadow x 4: Her Cocoa - An Eye Shadow Quad in four warm shades: bright bronze gold, soft peach, chocolate bronze and antique gold. The highly pigmented powder formula applies evenly, blends and builds beautifully. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- contains a bright bronze gold (Lustre)/soft peach (satin)/warm antique gold (Veluxe Pearl)/chocolate bronze (Lustre)

Eye Shadow x 4: Smoked Cocoa - An Eye Shadow Quad in four cool shades: shimmering champagne, black with silver pearl, satin charcoal and matte grey. The highly pigmented powder formula applies evenly, blends and builds beautifully. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- contains dirty cool champagne (Veluxe Pearl)/muted mid-tone grey (Matte)/black with silver pearl (Lustre)/dirty black charcoal (Satin)

RiRi Hearts MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash - A lightweight curling, lifting mascara in an intense carbon black pigment. Applies with a petite gripper brush embedded with micro-spheres to give each lash effortless, upward bending definition and extreme volume. Easy wash-off formula. Smudge-free. Lasts 16 hours. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.

RiRi Hearts MAC Liquidlast Liner - A rich, black liquid eyeliner combines long-lasting wear with a non-smudge, non-flake precision line. Goes on effortlessly. Applies with its own brush to draw a perfectly defined line. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- Pointblack - black

RiRi Hearts MAC Veluxe Brow Liner - Fills, shapes and defines eyebrows with a rich powdery formula that's matte and velvety smooth in two shades: Deep Brunette and Deep Dark Brunette. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- Deep Brunette - muted blackish-brown
- Deep Dark Brunette - dark dirty chocolate

RiRi Hearts MAC 36 Lash - Full lash, creates a naturally dramatic look. If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.

RiRi Hearts MAC 35 Lash - Slightly more dramatic length. Provides eye-opening fullness toward the centre of the eye. If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.

RiRi Hearts MAC Lipstick - Colour plus texture for the lips that made M∙A∙C famous. Four limited-edition shades created by Rihanna. In Retro Matte - the signature red of RiRi Woo, the dark plum of Talk That Talk and the creamy cool of Nude. In Frost - the mid-tone orange of Who's That Chick. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- Nude - cool nude cream
- Who's That Chick - midtonal orange with frost
- RiRi Woo - matte cool red
- Talk That Talk - matte dark plum

RiRi Hearts MAC Lipglass - Rihanna's first Lipglass debuts in the creamy, cool red of RiRi Woo. High-gloss finish. Wear it alone or with a Lipstick for a glossed look. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- RiRi Woo - cool red cream

RiRi Hearts MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil - A new generation of long-wearing lip pencil technology in two shades created by Rihanna: RiRi Woo and Talk That Talk. Glides on fluidly and adheres instantly. Defines lips with an instant release of rich, saturated colour. Prolongs the hours between re-application. Transfer proof. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- RiRi Woo - cool red cream
- Talk That Talk - dark plum cream

RiRi Hearts MAC Powder Blush Duo - Rihanna's Powder Blush Duo in Hibiscus Kiss combines two shades of M·A·C's celebrated colour for cheeks and face. Cool coral complements a neutral matte bronze in one gorgeous package. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- Hibiscus Kiss - cool coral/matte neutral blush

RiRi Hearts MAC Powder Blush - Colour for the cheeks and face in the warm copper of Bad Girl Gone Good created by Rihanna. Satin finish. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C compact.
- Bad Girl Gone Good - warm copper

RiRi Hearts MAC Cream Colour Base - Versatile and multi-purpose, Cream Colour Base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturizer or powder. Apply with a brush, sponge or fingers. Colour effects range from a light veil to highly dramatic, depending on method of application. Fragrance-free. Limited-edition golden shade created by Rihanna in RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.
- Diamonds - golden shimmer cream

RiRi Hearts MAC 282SE Duo Fibre Shader Brush - A dense and rounded, medium-sized paddle-shaped brush. Made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. The density and flexibility of the bristles helps apply eye shadow with a multitude of effects, from saturated colour to sheer washes. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C pink handle and rose gold ferrule.

RiRi Hearts MAC 187SE Duo Fibre Face Brush - A large, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or Powder Blush. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C pink handle and rose gold ferrule.

I am not surprised that this really isn't a collection for me, many of the colors would not work at all on my skin and I will be skipping over a big chunk of the new products that were brought out for RiRi Hearts MAC.  My favorite piece of the collection is one that we saw earlier on in the summer months and we got a hint of in the Retro Matte collection that came out earlier in the year, I love the RiRi Hearts MAC Lipstick in RiRi Woo.  A red lipstick from MAC will always be a top choice for me in any collection and this is the only item that I really covert from this collection.  I would also really like to own the matching Lipglass created for this collection, I will be wearing lots of red lip looks this fall and these two shades would be key players in my lipstick rotation.

Even though there is only one item that I really must have in this collection, there are still a few more that I would like to own and would be willing to try on the next time that I visit my counter.  I like both of the Eye Shadow x 4, neither of sets is very unique but they both provide four quality shades that I would be able to use with many shades that I already own and would work well in many occasions.  If I had to choose, I think that the warmer palette is my favorite but I would like to own both of them.  The last items that I rally want are the liquid eye liner and the brushes that were created with this collection, none of these products are must haves for me.  I need another black liquid liner so this is actually practical for me to buy and I love the pink handles of the RiRi Hearts MAC Brushes. 

I know this collection will create a bunch of best selling items and I know that I will be one of the few that doesn't really like this collection.  I might like the products more if they worked better with my skintone but most of these shades just will not be flattering for me and there is no point in me chasing after many of them...

photo courtesy of MAC

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