Sunday, October 13, 2013

Karlie Kloss's Side Part and Bangs

I have had my new bangs for about a month and I have been styling with a center part or by pulling my face framing layers back in a clip.  I like styling it in these ways but I am always on the look out for more ways to style my hair.  Now that the humidity of the late summer and early fall is over, I am looking for more ways to wear my hair down.  Before I but my bangs short, I had often worn my hair with a deep side part and long bangs but I haven't tried my hair in this kind of part with my shorter bangs.

I love this picture of Karlie Kloss because she has her hair styled very close to what I have in mind with my new bangs and a side part.  Her hair is much shorter than mine but I am hoping that with a careful straightening and much less humidity I am get mine straight and very smooth. 

I will be looking at what deep conditioners I have and top quality smoothers and will be plotting on how to try and make this look work.  Details to come...

photo courtesy of Google

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