Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beach Week Day 4 - Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Shampoo and Beach Waves

We are already half way through Beach Week!  So far we have looked at self-tanners, a fantastic sunscreen, and the only acceptable makeup at the beach.  Today we are chaning it up a bit and we will look at my two favorite products from the Fekkai summer hair collection.  This collection has come out for several years in a row now, each time just in time for summer and then it disappears by the time that we are all beginning to think about fall.  This year, the Marine Summer Hair collection contains four products, two that are re-releases from earlier collections and two that are brand new.  Today's post is about my two favorites from this line, which actually are the two returning products.

Hair in the summer needs to be treated differently than it does the rest of the year, especially if your hair is color treated or on the drier side.  My hair is both of these so mine can be a bit of a pain to deal with in hot weather.  The sun, the ocean, and the pool water can really dry your hair out but ordinary hydrating products don't always do the trick since salt and chemicals can build up on the hair, rendering some of the hydrating products less effective or not effective at all.  Knowing these facts, Fekkai created a very special line of hair care products made specifically to deal with these issues.  "Take the summer off from frizz, fuss, and damage.  Our complete summer hair care regimen draws on AquaTherapy technology to defend against the damaging effects of sun, saltwater, and chlorine - and now - humidity."

The shampoo from this collection is made to clean out both the chemicals from the pool and the salt the accumulates from the ocean.  This is not your typical clarifying shampoo and won't work the same way, it is targeted for special chemicals and salts, not just for stripping product build-up from the hair.  I purchased this product to make sure that the chlorine from swimming didn't kill my color treated hair this summer.  "Marine botanicals moisturize and gently detoxify to leave hair shiny, soft, and free of chlorine, residue, and impurities.  UV shield helps prevent fading."  This shampoo is more of a creamy texture than any traditional clarifying shampoo, it has more the texture of the shampoo in the Fekkai Essential Shea line.  It foams up easily and rinses cleanly.  The scent of it reminds me of a subtle coconut scent, almost more like a pina colada type of fragrance than a sunscreen type of fragrance.  It left my hair about as soft as any other type of Fekkai hydrating shampoo and the shine factor was about the same too.  I used this product to get chlorine out of my hair and it really helped to get the chemicals out and then the hydrate my hair.  I followed it up with the Fekkai Essential Shea conditioner to further hydrate my hair. 

Beach Waves is a leave-in styling product that also happens to be one of Fekkai's best sellers and top rated products.  This is the first product that I purchased from the Fekkai Summer Hair line several years ago and this was my official introduction to the product line.  "Marine waters create surf-sexy texture, and sea kelp hydrates and blocks moisture loss for sexy, tousled waves, anytime and anywhere.  UV shield helps prevent fading."  This product can be used both at the beach and any other time to create beachy waves.  When used at the beach, I sprayed it on wet hair, scrunched quickly, and then let my hair dry.  This product creates a much nicer wave than the other curl products that I have used, including the other curl spray that is offered by Fekkai.  When not at the beach, this product helps to create the laid-back waves and great texture that could only be found before when getting out of the surf.  It is best when used in the same fashion in the morning.  I find the look that this product created is best used for more casual situations, I wouldn't go into the office with my hair in loose in waves.  This product is so different than other curl sprays because it creates a different texture, it created loose waves for me instead of the curls that I tend to get with other products.

I love that Fekkai has come out with a whole line that is just for summer hair and that allows ladies to have the beachy look even on the weekends in the city.  If you can't get to the Hamptons, then these products will take the Hamptons to you...

photo courtesy of Fekkai

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