Sunday, June 26, 2011

MAC Bloggers' Obsessions

MAC newest collection is one that is made by the bloggers, for the bloggers!  MAC invited several of the top bloggers up to their lab late last winter and allowed them to each work with the professionals in the making of their own product and shade.  I first read about this on the Temptalia blog, a favorite of mine that I read at leat once a day.  I have been following her experiences since she first went up to the MAC facility and I was very excited when she put the pictures of her new eye shadow shade up.  As a blogger that has looked at so many products from MAC, I honestly can say that I wouldn't even know where to begin to create a whole new shade for this company.  MAC already has every single shade that I can think if in their limited edition/permanent collections and imaging a new one would take a lot of thought from me.

Here are the bloggers that were featured and the blog that they author: Amber Katz (, Lesley Ellen Mirza (, Lianne Farbes (, Wendy Lam (, Christina Mielke (, Patrice Grell Yursik (, Lily Nima (, Karen Monterichard (, and Aileen De Los Angeles (  My favorite blog from this collection is Temptalia and I often read the Beauty Blogging Junkie Blog and with this collection I have found more blogs to add to my daily reading list.

"No one loves MAC more than a Beauty Blogger.  To thank Amber Katz, Lesley Ellen Mirza, Lianne Forbes, Wendy Lam, Christina Mielke, Patrice Grell Yursik, Lily Nima, Karen Monterichard, and Aileen De Los Angeles for their passionate devotion and always honest feedback, we invited them to our lab to custom create their own Eye Shadow or Lipglass.  Exclusively online, just like the makeup-mad minds that invented them."

Here are the new Eye Shadow and Lipglass shades created by the lucky blogger team...

Eye Shadow - Highly pigmented powder.  Applies evenly, blends well. 
- Parisian Skies - subdued gray-blue (Lesley)
- Hocus Pocus - dark sooty gray with silver pearl (Lianne)
- Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! - deep rusty brown with champagne glitter (Amber)
- Jealous Wakes - emerald green with teal and gold pearl (Christina)

Lipglass - A unique lip gloss available in a wide range of colours that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen.  Designed to be worn on its own, over Lip Pencil or Lipstick, Tinted Lipglass is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts.  It's pigmented, very shiny, and can impart subtle or dramatic colour.  It contains Jojoba Oil to help soften and condition the lips.  Tinted Lipglass is packaged in a convenient bottle with a sponge top applicator that provides a quick, smooth, even application.
- Evolution Revolution - warm peachy pink (Karen)
- Caqui - persimmon orange (Lily)
- Sonoran Rain - deep coral-red with gold and silver pearl (Aileen)
- Nitrolicious 2046 - intense shiny red (Wendy)
- All of My Purple Life - deep purple with subtle sparkle (Patrice)

I prefer the eye shadows to the glosses in this collection, many of the glosses are too deep for me to pull off.  My favorite piece is the eye shadow from Amber Katz, the Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! shade.  I also really like the Jealousy Wakes shade and the Hocus Pocus shade in the eye shadows.  I only like one Lipglass, the Evolution Revolution shade.  The major aspect of this collection that I am focused on is the texture of these products, bloggers wouldn't let a hard to apply or very chalky shadow get past their testing.  I know that MAC has had some hard to work with shades and I am confident that none of these will fall into that category.

After giving it a bit of thought, I decided what I would want to create if I was given this chance too.  I would want a Lipglass very much in the same shade of Way To Love, a light/medium yellow pink.  I would add a bit of shimmer to my formula and see how it looks with this addition.  I would request that this formula be a Plushglass, my favorite formula of MAC Lipglass.  I haven't a clue how I would name it, whether I would just pick some type of name that I liked or if I would try to match it to the shade.

photo courtesy of MAC

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