Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Super Shimmer

As I have already introduced last spring, the Clinique Colour Surge line of eye shadows is currently available in three formulas; the Soft Shimmer (we have already looked at), the Matte (which I dislike and we won't be looking at), and the Super Shimmer formula.  Noting what we have already looked at and what formula that I dislike, it isn't hard to see that we will be looking at the Super Shimmer formula today.  The Super Shimmer gives off my favorite finish of the three formulas, I love shimmer and high drama eye makeup.  I feel like this formula is offered in the least amount of shades which is depressing since that means that there will be less for me to buy and love when I go to the counters.

"Creamy, intense colour in one stroke.  Surprisingly lightweight.  Ophthamologist tested for even the most sensitive eyes.  Super shimmer finish brings day/evening/dusk drama.  The end of the quiet eye.", states the Clinique website in the product description.  This is the most shimmer that you will find in a Clinique eye shadow but I do want to state right off the bat that if you prefer a finish like Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy, than these shades will not be quite shimmery enough for you.

Clinique places these shadows as a formula that should be worn at night.  I don't consider them nighttime-only formulas but they aren't quite appropriate for the office.  One of these shades could easily be worn alone for a luch date or a casual shopping date but if you want to use multiple shades of them, then you are best reserving them for after dark.  There are only seven shades in this formula and they are either neutrals or blue/greens, making this a very limted range in which to create eye looks.  I would love for some plums and lavenders to be offered so hopefully more will be added down the road.

Here are the few shades that are offered in this product...

- Lucky Penny - pearlized soft muted bronze with a hint of pink
- Daybreak - pale gold
- Blue Lagoon - violety blue with multiple pearl effect
- Sparkling Sage - soft muted sage green with silver pearl
- Rum Spice - highly pearlized deep golden brown
- Strike It Rich - highly pearlized burnised gold
- Peacock - deep pearlized teal

The shimmer effect is the most evident in the lightest of the shades and the deepest of the shades, the shades that are more in the middle don't seem to have near as nice of a finish.  I found this out when I was playing with the shades at the counter, so this product is best used as a highlighter, for sheer washes of color, or directly on the lid (when using the deeper shades).  Daybreak is the easiest of all the shades to wear and i think the one that the shimmer shows up the best in.  This one is best as a highlighter or for a more casual look.  Lucky Penny is very pretty but it is a lighter bronze than many that I have tried so this is another one that is best for a more casual look.  If you want a more dramatic look, than your choices are Rum Spice, Strike It Rich, or Peacock.  I didn't find Rum Spice to even be all that shimmery, the other two deep shades have much more shimmer.  Strike It Rich is my favorite of the deeper shades and is my favorite overall shade from this formula of eye shadow.  The lighter blue and the sage had fair pigmentation and not enough shimmer for me, I would skip both of them.

This formula creates a lovely shimmer finish that has a medium intensity to it.  If you love very shimmery shadows than this one might not be enough for you.  Clinique doesn't make the most dramatic makeup in the beauty industry and this formula is no exception.  The best comparison that I can come up with in terms of the finish is that this formula is more like the regular shimmer finish for Urban Decay.  You will get just a hint of twinkle from many of these shades, not the full on dazzling effect.  Like the rest of Clinique formulas, the eye shadow wear well and it still in place after about eight or nine hours (when used with a primer).  The pigmentation is medium, there are more strongly pigmented brands on the market.  This formula is my favorite of the Clinique shadows but it could be really be improved by expanding the shade range.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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