Sunday, June 5, 2011

LUSH Whoosh Shower Jelly

Shower Jelly is one of the most innovative shower products from LUSH.  Anyone who has used a lot in their line knows that this is quite a feat because LUSH has tons of great products, most of which you will never see other companies able to replicate well.  The Shower Jelly might be up there with Bubble Bars in terms of uniqueness, this is type of product that I have only ever really seen offered by LUSH.  Shower Jelly can be used on body or hair and also can be used as more of a bar soap or a shower gel.  This product can really be used any way that you want to and actually works well under the different circumstances.

"The invigorating citrus shower jelly.  Anti-jetlag for keeping you calm, cool, and focused.  If deadlines pass you by and you're left spinning at the end of each day, you need a pot of Whoosh!  It's an ultra-refreshing essential oil blend of lemon, lime, and grapefruit juices with revitalizing rosemary and balancing geranium, which we put in there to wake you up a bit.  When you wash with Whoosh, you're transformed into a single-minded, driven person that can take on the world." 

Since lemon juice in one of the main ingredients in this product, LUSH provides additional information on this ingredient.  "Lemon juice is antiseptic and astringent and contains high levels of Vitamin C.  It cleans away dirt with natural fruit acids."  Lemon juice is also helps to clear up some of the pigmentation issues that can occur in the summertime with sun exposure, so this is get choice for the warm weather.  However, I must add that lemon can make skin more photo sensitive, so it is very important to make sure that you wear sunscreen consistently with this product.  I bought this one summer at LUSH and it was such as good choice, this is one of my first loves from LUSH since I had so much fun playing with it in their store.

As I stated already, this product has a multitude of uses.  I have only used this product on my body, I color treat my hair and it is very dry so I wouldn't ever use this one my hair in the fear that it would strip the color or dry it out.  So I can't comment on using it on my hair.  Onto the body uses.  I first tried this one as a bar soap, just straight out of the container.  It didn't foam up as much as I was hoping that it would and I found that it slipped out of my hands several times.  The next time that I used this product, I mashed a bith of it onto a shower pouf and used it more of a shower gel.  This is my favorite way to use it, a little bit goes a long way and I love all the foam that I got from this product.  The LUSH website also suggests that it can be frozen or chilled to use in the hot weather.  I would imagine that freezing this product would make it much easier to use as a bar soap and that this would be the best way to use it in this manner.

This is top selling shower product for LUSH and I think it is a combination of the uniqueness of the product and how much fun the product is to use.  Originally, I also bought this product in a scent that was a mixture of pineapply and coconut (this one is long gone and I don't even remember the actual name of the product), which was my favorite of the scents.  However, I do love the grapefruit and lemon scents in Whoosh and it is a great pick for the summer mornings.  I have aslo found that this product is very easily unisex and is a great way to slip your guy a bit of grooming in the morning too.

I wish that LUSH would come out with more fragrances in this product since the line is down to a handful of fragrances.  And I most wish that they would bring back the original scent that I loved since it added to my coconut obsession...

photo courtesy of LUSH

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