Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marc Jacobs Curacao

In the beginning of the summer, Marc Jacobs released three new fragrances to add to his body splash collection, all of which are limited edition and therefore are very oriented to warm weather and laid back summer days.  The Marc Jacobs body splash line has never really appealed to me since the bottles are huge and it is very hard for me to love a fragrance so much that I want a 10 oz bottle of it, actaully so far I haven't even found one that I would use through that huge size without getting really sick of it.  So far, Curacao is the only fragrance that I might consider purchasing the full bottle of. 

A bit of background, Curacao is one of the French Antilles group of tropical islands.  This is an island known for its beautiful white sand beaches and it is a very popular destination for scuba divers.  In fact, had I tried this fragrance out a bit earlier, this would have been a great addition to be my Beach Week...

Sephora states the following as a product description, "This summer, take a break, relax, and get away for some fun.  Inspired by the first sip of a cool, sweet cocktail on a sun-soaked summer day, Marc Jacobs introduces a refreshing scent that's vibrant in color and crisp to the senses.  Indulge in the simple pleasures of summer." 

The fragrance notes are: Blood Oranges, Bitter Orange Bigrade, Lime, Mandarin, Violet, Pear, Apricot, White Moss, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood. 

I can see the inspiration for this fragrance when I looked at the pictures of the beaches in Curacao, especially for the aqua blue color of the perfume (which is what actually was my initial attraction to the fragrance).  This fragrance starts with a burst of orange and lime and it is intially a bit on the tart side.  After about an hour, the fragrance develops into more of a blood orange fragrance with hints of violet and apricot to sweeten and soften it.  The blood orange notes remains the strongest note in the fragrance through the whole time of wear.  The sandalwood comes out at the end and mixes well with the violet and the blood orange.  It lasts about five to six hours on my skin, which is about what I expect from a body splash.  This is a lighter intensity fragrance and will be best appreciated by someone who loves light fragrances or dominant citrus notes in their perfume.  This fragrance is best saved for the summertime since it is very heavy on the citrus and really reminds me of the beach. 

I like this fragrance however since citruses aren't always my cup of tea (and this fragrance smells of oranges the whole time on my skin) so I won't be buying this fragrance.  The major issue with thie fragrance is the same that I have with the rest of the Marc Jacobs splash line.  I would never use this whole bottle up, especially since I would save it for the summer only.  There is no point in my buying this since I would end up throwing at least half of it out within about five years.  If March Jacobs released this line in bottles that were four or five ounces, I know that I would be purchasing a bunch of these fragrances, especially this one.

I guess that these fragrances are sold in bigger bottles since most ladies tend to go through a splash faster than a perfume but I really wish that multiple sizes would be offered because I could never even get half-way through one of these bottles without getting annoyed with it.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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