Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vincent Longo Wet/Dry Diamond Eye Shadow

I am never a girl that wears matte eye shadow and is happy about it.  Shimmer is my style and often times the more the shimmer, the happier that I get.  Vincent Longo's makeup collection contains the eye shadow with the highest amount of shimmer in it that I have ever used.  In fact, the sparkle of it is so concentrated that it can become overkill quite easily.  I am referring to the Wet/Dry Diamond Eye Shadow formula.  We see from the name that this formula can be used in two ways to create two major looks.  Shimmer is the name of the game either way and this is a product that is best for those who really love their shimmer eye shadow formulations.  If you aren't that into shimmer, this product could be too much to pull off.

Vincent Longo's website describes both the product itself and the wet and dry usages.  "New, high-tech, light reflective pearls in a creamy soft, full-color baked eye powder makes Wet Diamond Eye Shadow unlike any other eye product available.  Eight gorgeous colors to choose from, Office to Evening, Natural to Dramatic!  Applied dry, it spreads a sheer veil of dazzling, diamond sparkle color over the eyelids.  Used wet, it goes on like a shimmering brilliant cream that lasts for hours without creasing."

 I actually was the most interested in the application techniques that are listed for this product since I don't use the product even remotely like they suggest (for either style of application).  "To use dry: Using Brush #22, dust Wet Diamond Powder over your entire eyelid or over your trio eye shadow application, concentrating on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyelid, as an easy way to take your look from day to night."  Brush #22 is a large eye shadow brush, closer to the size of NARS No.3, that is best used for highlighting or sheer washes on the eye.  "To use wet: Squeeze a pea size drop of Water Canvas Base onto the back of your hand.  Dip Brush #14 or #18 (for upper and lower lid application) or Brush #33 (for outer corner and lash line application) into Wet Diamond power and mix the powder into the Water Canvas Base."  Brush #14 and #18 are smaller eye shadow brushes using best for targeted color on the eye lid, #33 is another smaller brush but one that I find a better size for the crease or for blending.

Applied dry, this shadow is very shimmery and eye catching.  Applied wet, it takes on a cream finish and will be the most dazzling eye shadow that you have ever seen.  This is a formula that must be preceeded with a primer.  I have found the best primers for it are the Urban Decay Primer Potion or the NARS eye primer, these are the only two that I have tried that are tacky enough to actually hold this formula in place.  Without a primer, this formula causes a lot of fallout and will end up all over your cheeks very quickly.  When applying dry, I prefer to use my finger to pat it on instead of any type of brush.  I have found that any brush that I used caused the product to fly all over the place and created more disaster than anything else.  When I use it wet, I simply wet a liner brush and then dip it in the product to use as a liner on my upper eyelids.  I used it wet all over my lids once.  I put some on the back of my hand and then added water and applied it using the same fingertip type of application. 

If you wish to use this product during the day, you must follow the dry application and watch what shade you use.  This product is too shimmery for conservative offices or against a shimmery or glossy lip.  The "sheer veil" that this company describes it as is somewhat inaccurate, it is dazzling and very noticeable.  I have never used it over any other shadows, it is enough on its own.  Used wet, this is a nighttime only product and again you need to watch what other products you use it with.  When used wet, I really prefer it as a liner unless I am going all over for the evening.  I have found that many Longo products can be overkill when used as suggested so I do recommend trying this product out in as many different ways as possible. 

This product is currently available in eight shades, two of which I have purchased already...

- Palace Skye - shimmering deep charcoal gray
- Concerto - shimmering deep charcoal
- Dawn Flesh - shimmering pale champagne
- Mermaid Blue - shimmering medium navy
- Metropolitan - shimmering red plum
- Midnight Taboo - shimmering medium silver gray
- Tempest Bronze - shimmering medium bronze gold
- Verite - shimmering deep green

I own Dawn Flesh and Tempest Bronze.  Either shade could be used during the day, but I tend to get more use from Dawn Flesh during the day and Tempest Bronze at night.  I often use Dawn Flesh against a creamy or matte red lip or a nude lip.  Tempest Bronze is best used at night against a nude lip or as a liner against more of a pigmented lip.  All of the other shades are best reserved for nightime as they contain much pigment, especially the Metropolitan, Mermaid Blue, and Verite shades. 

This formula is amazing for a dramatic shimmering eye look, but I find it best used for nightime.  My favorites are the more neutral shades but I would like to buy the gray and charcoal shades too.

photo courtesy of Vincent Longo

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