Monday, June 13, 2011

Giorgio Armani Summer 2011 Collection - Heat

The summer collections are really beginning to wind down now and already I am starting to read about hints of fall in other blogs and magazines.  I just have a few collections left, I still can't believe it since we aren't even half way through the month of June.  Giorgio Armani's newest collection is named Heat, these shades are very bronzy and will work perfectly for those of us with bronze complexions.  Some of these shades might even be too bronze for the tan that I have been cultivating for the past few weeks.  Armani is very hard for me to find to begin with so I can't always just right on the bandwagon with the new products even though they are always so lovely that I would love to buy them all in a minute. 

The model for this collection is Megan Fox so that should give you all an idea of what tone of skin this collection is made for.  Her skin is deeper, more olive, and much warmer than mine so this isn't giving me much hope for this collection.  I'm afraid that both the bronzer and the cheek colors will be too deep and the lip products too warm.  The eye shadow palette is looking like it will be my best bet from this collection.  I am betting that I can skip out on much of this collection so it isn't a total disaster that it is so hard for me to find. 

Here is the new collection from Giorgio Armani Beauty...

Sheer Bronzer - Create the glow of sun-kissed skin with sheer bronzer, a soft micro-fine bronzing powder.  Copper and bronze hues warm skin, creating a sculpted glow with shimmering honey highlights.  All skin types.  Soft, micro-fine texture.  Shimmery, sun-kissed effect.  Buildable color.  Apply with the Blush Brush where light naturally hits the face across forehead, cheekbones, and temples for a healthy, radiant complexion.
- 1 Brown Sand - beige
- 2 Mauve - pink beige
- 5 Golden Sand - deep tan beige

Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush - Premiering Blushing Fabric, a second skin blush, a new sensory experience from Armani.  Crafted as a micro-blend of pure water-soluble pigments and lacquers, this cushiony texture delivers a buildable color for cheek and face that is both impercetible and long-lasting.  Artist Tip - Squeeze a small amount to the back of your hand and apply with fingertips to the apple of your cheek.  Buff to perfection with the Blush Brush.  Blend to the desired result using your middle and pointer fingers.  For a natural bronzed glow use Sienna #4, or for more definition on your cheeks, use Raspberry #5.  Both limited edition with the Summer "Heat" look.
- Sienna #4 - warm bronze
- Raspberry #5 - deep berry rose

Heat Palette - Eye Quatuor - As seen on the show - the Armani bronze smoky eye in one signature amber palette.  Four shimmering shades of desert eye dust.  Shadows are created with unprecedented color technology, jet-milled and fine to the touch.  This extremely fine film of vibrant eye color blends perfectly to produce made to measure incandescent color without creasing or a dull powdery finish.  To create the Summer "Heat" look: 1. Apply a layer of White Gold over the entire eyelid.; 2. With the Eye Shadow Brush, contour with the Desert Earth Brown, applied either wet or dry.  For impactful eyes, add a touch of color in the outside corner.; 3. Finish by smudging the Burnt Amber with the Desert Earth on the eyelid for a smoky effect.
- deep brown/pink-toned champage shimmer/medium taupe shimmer/pale white gold shimmer

Eyes To Kill Waterproof Mascara - Empower the eye with more intensity with Eyes To Kill Waterproof Mascara, a long wear, lengthening, and volumizing formula now in Black-Brown for luscious glowing summer lashes.  Limited edition with Summer "Heat" look.  The "lash liner brush" instantly outlines and loads the lashes with a high-powered yet lightweight formula.  Use a zig-zag movement, starting at the root, and glide up to the tips to elongate, curve, separate, and extend the lashes with an unforgettable sheen.
- 3 Black-Brown - mix of black and and brown pigments

Sheer Lipstick - For your summer look with a new signature lip color.  Armani Sheer Lipstick will be your secret weapon, delivering comfort, moisture, and long-lasting luminescent color.  In 4 new limited edition buildable shades for a barely there shimmer to intense color coverage.  Infuse a bold note of color with the star color powered Sienna Red Brick #34.  Add playful vibrancy with Burnt Coral #35.  For the perfect feminine pout, choose the sophisticated Sunset Pink #36.  Or opt for Megan Fox's soft seductive lips with Sand Dune Beige #37, featured in the Summer "Heat" look.
- Sienna Red Brick #34 - deep warm brick red
- Burnt Coral #35 - bright warm coral
- Sunset Pink #36 - warm peach pink
- Sand Dune Beige #37 - nude beige

As I stated earlier, this collection is much too warm toned and deep for me to pull off.  The only item that I like is the eye shadow palette since this is the only one that will work for me in the least.  I do the bronze smoky eye look at lot in the summer time since I think blacks and grays can look too heavy in the warm weather.  I would order this eye shadow palette but I don't know that one item is worth me making the hour and a half drive to Saks just for it.  I think that I would like the Sheer Lipstick in the Sand Dune Beige shade however, I tend to prefer my nudes with a bit of pink in them and I know that I can find a shade like this at MAC.  I am intrigued about the blush but both of these shades will look awful on my skin.

I wish that I had an Armani counter nearer to me, then I could obsess more over this line.  I have to travel a bit to get to this line and therefore I feel like I have to buy products in order to make the trip worthwhile.  Time to see if I can combine a trip to the counter with something else...

photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani

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