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Bobbi Brown Summer 2011 Collection - Almost Bare

Memorial Day has come and past and the official start of summer came right along with it.  To add to it, temperatures have been in the 90s most of this week and the sun is shining with full force.  I am longing for the beach and have been trying to contain my cravings during the week by watching the Sex and the City where the girls go to the Hamptons.  Since I'm not a girl that wears much makeup to the beach, I thought that the new collection from Bobbi Brown, Almost Bare, would perfectly fit my mood right now.

Almost Bare is a collection that features a new tinted moisturizer, bronzer, lip glosses, and a light fragrance.  I have noticed that this isn't the first collection of the summer to feature a fragrance and I am wondering if we are going to see more companies incorporating fragrance into their color collections.  I have really liked when MAC did this in the past and I usually ended up buying products from the color collection and then would always add the fragrance to my order at the very last moment.  It reenforces the theme of the collection for me and I almost always end up finishing up the perfume before I have even made a dent in many of the color products.  This is trend that could really end up making my perfume collection expand in many ways...

The description for this collection is a quote from Bobbi herself, "This collection is inspired by the gorgeous sun-kissed look you get after a day at the beach, one of my favorite places.  It's quick, easy, and simple - what summer beauty is all about."  I agree with Bobbi in this respect, I hate wearing lots of makeup in the summer.  In the high heat, it runs and smears.  I give up on foundation altogether and just wear bronzer over my fake tan.  But no matter how warm it is, I never give up on wearing some type of fragrance.

The new collection...

Bronzing Powder - This soft matte, silky-smooth bronzer instantly gives skin the look of a natural tan, Bobbi suggests using Bronzing Powder year round to get a sun-kissed.  For best application, Bobbi recommends the Bronzer Brush (sold separately).  Now available in seven shades for a wide range of complexions. 
- Deep Chocolate - deep golden brown
- Rich Cocoa - dark brown
- Golden Light - light tan
- Medium - medium brown
- Natural - medium soft tan
- Dark - dark copper brown
- Deep  - deep golden brown

Bronzer Brush - Our must-have Bronzer Brush now features luxuriously soft bristles and a more rounded brush head to provide smoother, more even application of bronzer.  Perfect for use with our popular Illuminating Bronzing Powder and Bronzing Powder.

SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer - A great foundation alternative that's perfect for summer or when you want a more casual look.  This 3-in-1 moisturizer hydrates and protects skin while offering sheer, natural-looking coverage that blends smoothly.  Thanks to emollients and skin-conditioning Jojoba Oil, this lightweight formula glides on easily and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.  Ideal for normal and dry skin types.  Available in an oil-free formula also.  Available in a range of nine shades to suit all skintones.

SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free - Created for women with oily skin who want light moisture, sheer coverage, and sun protection in one, Bobbi's new gel-based formula is the perfect alternative to foundation.  Light and refreshing, it glides on smoothly, blends easily, and provides a hint of coverage for soft, even, and natural-looking skin.  Vitamins C and E protect skin from free radical damage, while SPF 15 helps prevent sun damage.  Available in the same nine shades that the regular formula is.

Highlighter Pen - For gleaming cheekbones with extra pop.  Lightweight and luminescent, the liquid formula creates a dewy, all-day glow and won't settle in your pores.  Available in three shades.  Apply Highlighter along the top of cheekbones and blend gently into skin using clean fingers.  You can also apply the highlighter to cheeks under foundation, to get a subtle, youthful glow.
- Bronze - golden bronze
- Opal - soft opal pink
- Rose - rose pink

High Shimmer Lip Gloss - Bobbi's new lip gloss combines gorgeous, light-catching shimmer with lasting, non-sticky shine.  Made with fine pearls and clear pigments, High Shimmer Lip Gloss stays color-true and gives lips beautiful, brilliant dimension.  Plus it's enriched with emollients and Vitamins C and E to moisturize, condition, and protect lips, so they feel as good as they look,  Whether you wear it on its own or on top of your favorite Lip Color, the new tapered applicator lets you apply it like a pro.
- Bellini - light nude pink with pearl
- Citrus - bright coral with pearl
- Pink Tulle - hot pink with pearl

Creamy Lip Color - Creamy Lip Color combines rich color with comfortable, long-lasting wear and a soft, creamy shine.  With emollient shea butter and plant-derived skin conditioners, this amazing formula glides on smooth, wears all day, and leaves lips soft and moisturized.  Now in five new shades.
- Tiger Lily - shimmering medium tone coral
- Burnt Sugar - bronze nude
- Pale Petal - medium tone blue pink
- Hibiscus - bright candy pink
- Washed Seashell - shimmering medium tone nude pink

Almost Bare Fragrance - This fresh floral eau de parfum features a delicate balance of inspiring Italian Bergamot blended with Violet Leaves to relax and soothe the senses.  The scent is enhanced by a gentle note of Soft Muguet and Gentle Jasmine Petals, with a Soft Cedar and Warm Amber background.

Why am I more interested in the fragrance than anything else?!  Fragrance was my first love and I can see it taking over here.  I must have this perfume and it might even be my top pick of the collection.  I will try the Tinted Moisturizer, most likely the Oil-Free since my skin is crazy this time of the year and I bet this one will work better than the other.  I bet that I will buy the other for the fall, I got so many compliments with the Laura Mercier version and if this one is the same?...  Oh boy...

Lip gloss is my second love and I love the lip glosses in this collection.  I must have Bellini and Pink Tulle.  From the lipsticks, Pale Petal is my choice.  I am looking at Washed Seashell as a dupe to Way To Love, which is huge for me.  I need to try this shade since I am rationing Way To Love.  A dupe to this is amazing and a must-buy.  After that, I need the Tinted Moisturizer with the Oil-Free formula since in the summer, my skin doesn't need any extra hydration.  I want this Bronzer, I love the matte finish that bronzers are coming out in and I really feel the need to be bronze.  Shimmer is a no, but matte is a yes.  I am loving this collection since this is exactly the way that I do makeup at the beach...

photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

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