Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shu Uemura Summer 2011 Collection - Sakura Collection

Sakura is the newest collection from Shu Uemura and it is based on the Japanese festive of the cherry blossoms.  It is the second collection that was made with Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa, the first of which you might remember from Holiday of 2008 (I am 99% sure this was the season, it might have been 2009 but I doubt it.).  That collection was a group of palettes all inspired by roses and containing many lovely pink shades.  This only is based on the cherry blossom but I am willing to bet that it will be very similar and that this might be one of my favorite collections of the summer. 

"Shu Uemura reunites with Mika Ninagawa in a special package design collaboration.  Celebrate the ephermal joy of spring sakura blossoms with the vivid images created by world-renowned photographer and film-maker Mika Ninagawa.  Experince the dream-like, kaleidoscope vision of prettiness created by Mika's lens."  The packaging on the foundation palette in this collection is very beautiful and might just push me toward buying this whole collection.  I hope the shades are just as lovely...

The collaboration with Mika Ninagawa...

Special Edition Powder Foundation Case by Mika Ninagawa - Encase the Face Architect Glow Enhancing Powder Foundation in limited edition case specially designed by Mika Ninagawa.  This new-edition compact welcomes the coming season adorned with Mika's sweet and playful spring floral delights.  Includes a sponge made with an extra smooth surface for application.  Foundation sold separately.

Face Architect Glow Enhancing Powder Foundation - Achieve the finish of a liquid foundation with the convenience of a fine textured powder foundation.  Formulated with clear glow enhancer, for an exquisite glow enhanced finish and fresh lasting color.  The thin layer of powder smoothes and evens the skin for a natural flawless complexion.  The beautiful makeup finish has a long lasting formula which makes skin feel light and comfortable throughout the day.  SPF 26.  Available in a range of shades to suit all skintones.

Rouge Unlimited Sakura Collection - Shu Uemura introduces the new "Sakura hybrid pigment" to express the pureness and delicacy of the new cherry blossom colors.  A sakura blossom changes its expression from day to day.  In the glory of sunlight, it shines pure white with a tint of pink, white with twilight, it gradually changes to a mauve tone.  Six shades embody the subtle changes in sakura colors.  Limited package, tinted sakura pink.
- PK 319 - pastel lavender pink - cool undertone
- PK 356 - stylish fushcia - cool undertone
- PK 332 - modern neutral pink - warm undertone
- PK 339 - bright pastel pink - cool undertone
- PK 341 - elegant medium pink - warm undertone
- BG 932 - peachy pink - warm undertone

Supreme Shine Sakura Collection - Shu Uemura introduces the new "Sakura hybrid pigment" to express the pureness and delicacy of the new cherry blossom colors.  The Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine is a lipstick with the combination of rich, dewy shine and signature hybrid pigment.  The shade reflects that of a dewy sakura petal.
- PK 314 - shimmery baby pink - warm undertone

I just love all the pinks in this collection, this one almost looks more like a spring collection than a summer collection but I'm not complaining either way.  I really want the foundation compact and I am willing to give the foundation a chance even though I don't always have the best of luck with powder foundations.  This one does have an emphasis on a "glow finish" instead of a matte finish so maybe this one will work better for me.  My favorite lip shade is the PK 314 from the Supreme Shine, this one seems like it will have more of a sheer finish and will be very easy to work with this summer.  From the Rouge Unlimited, I want to buy the PK 319, PK 332, and PK 339. 

This is one of the best pink collections that I have seen so far this year.  Trust in Shu Uemura to make a lovely collection...

photo courtesy of Shu Uemura

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