Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Mask

It's summer and now my skin has done a complete switch from how dry it is in the winter months.  My favorite skincare line to return to in the warmer months is the Vinopure line from Caudalie, I have used products from this line for several summers now and have yet to really find products that suit me more.  The moisturizer in this line I have already covered for this blog and I will quickly recap it.  It provides a matte finish and helps to control oil without irritating my sensitive skin.  It does have to be layered with an SPF which I prefer since then I can choose my own SPF number.  Last time that I was at Sephora to pick up another tube of the moisturizer, I decided to add the face mask in this line to my purchase.  I had tried a small sample of this product when the line was carried at Bath and Body Works and I remember liking it so I was more than happy to purchase the full size of the product.

Caudalie states the following about their product, "This non-drying, purifying mask eliminates complexion dulling impurities to brighten the skin.  It cleanses deeply, tightens the pores, and regulates oil production.  Specially created for combination skin, it is also suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive."  This prosuct contains the following active ingredients: grape-seed oil; kaolin and bentonite clays; cypress, sage, and lavender oils; chamomile; sandalwood; and Vinolevure.  The grape-seed oil and Vinolevure are the patented Caudalie ingredients that are anti-oxidants and help to improve the skin texture and condition.  Kaolin and bentonite clays are purifying, help to control oil production and provide a matte finish.  The essential oils of cypress and sage are purifying while the lavender helps to soothe skin and allow it to be suitable for sensitive skin types. 

Caudalie recommends that this product be used twice a week, or even three times a week for oilier skin tones.  It can also be used to treat individual blemishes when used as a spot treatment.  I use this twice a week and only on my t-zone area, I have never tried it on my cheeks as I have no use for it on that area on my face.  It really helps to clean out my pores and I like it best on my nose for helping to clean up and control blackheads.  It can keep my skin oil-free for about two or three hours after use but it still comes back after that time.  I find it best for clarifying my t-zone area keeping my skin bright and clean.  My favorite way to use this product is as a spot treatement, traditional treatments with benzoyl peroxide can make my skin worse before it gets any better.  I have to be very careful with the application and even then, I am often still left with a red, dry patch after the healing has occured.  Dotted right on the blemish, it helps to clear it up and heal it.  Blemishes are usually healed in about three days, longer than the healing time for other chemicals but I love that I don't have the irritation from this product.  To be honest, it takes me longer than three or four days to get rid of the irritation so this product still comes out on top.

Another aspect of this product (and indeed the entire line of Caudalie products) is that it is safe for use by pregnant women.  I have had many friends that experienced major changes in their skin over the nine months that they were expecting and they are unable to use any type of traditional chemical anti-acne product.  This product is perfectly safe for them to use and allows them to have clear, even skin for their whole pregnancy.  This is very unique feat for a skincare line and really drives home how well made the line is and how gentle their products are. 

As usual, I have found another Caudalie product that I adore.  I'm still waiting to find a product that I don't like in this collection.  I love that I can finally use an anti-acne product that is effective and doesn't create more of a problem than the actual breakout.

photo courtesy of Caudalie

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