Thursday, June 9, 2011

Philosophy Summer 2011 Body Products

Philosophy's summer body products are almost always among my favorite of their releases throughout the year.  The spring florals are always very pretty and the holiday scents are great to give as gifts but summer and fall from this company get my very excited and ready to fill up my online cart.  I'm not sure what Philosophy does better, fun drink inspired scents for warm weather or the fall treat scents that are ready for Halloween.  Maybe this year, I will just need to buy all of the offerings from both seasons and do an experiment...

This summer's collection is all about fun in the sun with their beach-inspired fragrances and then another series that have been inspired by fun, summery drinks.  It consists of several sets of products and individual body products and matching lip glosses.  I use 3-in-1s all summer long and these are just the perfect scents for the warm weather. 

First the fragrance sets.  We have three new ones introduced, two of which contain several products in the same scent and one that contains three 3-in-1s in lovely drink-inspired fragrances. 

The first set is named Greetings From Cabo and contains products in my favorite scent from this company, Senorita Margarita.  "Crave a vacation or happy hour?  Send yourself greetings from Cabo, featuring Senorita Margarita Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath 4 oz. Body Lotion 4 oz., and High Gloss, High-Flavor Lip Shine .5 oz."  Senorita Margarita is both my first Philosophy purchase and my favorite fragrance from this company so I would be more than happy to pick up a set of smaller sizes in this product.  I also have never seen the lotion in the fragrance and I am very excited that I finally have another option in this line.  The second set is named Aloha Girl and contains three product in the fragrance of that same name.  This one is new from Philosophy and sounds like one that I will end up buying products from.  "Kick off your shoes and enjoy a moment in paradise.  Aloha Girl features vanilla coconut Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath 4 oz, Body Lotion 4 oz., and High-Gloss, High-Flavor Lip Shine .5 oz.  Infused with the tropical essence of pure, refreshing coconut juice and a hint of sweet vanilla, this gift set is an instant island getaway to make any girl feel like an Aloha Girl."  The last set is named The Pool Party and this is the one that consist of three 3-in-1s in different fragrances.  "Make a splash with The Pool Party.  Starfruit Kiwi Martini, Blue Hawaiian, and Papaya Passion Punch Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Baths 6 oz.  Refresh your skin and senses."  I bought a version of this set three years ago with only the Papaya Passion Punch differing from that set.  I love the other two scents already so I doubt that I will need this one.

Now that we have looked at all the sets, it is time to move onto the single products for this season.  Aloha Girl and Papaya Passion Punch are the two new fragrances that are being offered this summer.  We have already quickly looked at these two scents with the sets and now I want to see what is offered in the full sized products.  Aloha Girl is a summery coconut and vanilla scent and allows you to "escape to the tropics" even if you are spending the summer miles away from the beach.  This scent is offered in the traditional 3-in-1, along with a matching Body Lotion and High-Shine, High-Flavor Lip Shine.  This fragrance sounds fantastic since I love coconut fragrances and already own several coconut and vanilla combinations in my body products.  I am so happy that Philosophy has finally begun to bring out lotions to match their 3-in-1s since I love to layer my body products.  The second of the new fragrances is Papaya Passion Punch.  The scent is a mix of papaya and tropical passionfruit punch drink.  This is one a very tropical fruit scent and would be great for some who loves that type of fragrance.  This one is available in the same products as the Aloha Girl scent.  To round out the single products, Lip Shines have also been introduced in the Senorita Margarita and Blue Hawaiian flavors.

God, I just want everything in this collection, it will be hard to decide what my favorites are.  I can start by ruling out The Pool Party set, I already own two of these products and I would buy the Papaya Passion Punch in the full sizes.  I can rule out the Senorita Margarita set since I want all these products in the full sizes and unless I go on vacation, I shouldn't need small sizes in these products.  I would buy the Aloha Girl set to try all the smaller sizes out since I already own all a bunch of coconut scents.  If I try the smaller sizes and really love it, then I know that I will buy all the large sizes in this scent.  The Papaya Passion Punch is like nothing that I already own and is a perfect summer scent, so I will be buying all the full sizes in this one and perhaps even the lip gloss too. Last but not least, I want both of the Lip Shines in the Margarita and Blue Hawaiian flavors.

I just love this collection and it continues the tradition of Philosophy having great summer collections.  I could add every single piece of this to my collection and not think about it twice.

photo courtesy of Philosophy

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