Monday, June 6, 2011

Tarina Tarantino Summer 2011 Collection - Sparklicity Bronze

I feel like every single Tarina Tarantino collection involves the word "Sparklicity" in the title.  Every collection consists of shimmery products, one of which is always an eye shadow palette and another of which is always a shimmer body product in some form.  I'm glad that this company has a formula that works for them and that means that I trust that I can find great products in these categories but how many eye shadow palettes do I need from the same company?  Wait, let me rephrase that many shimmer body mist items do I need from the same company?  I guess this company is telling me that I need to replace mine with the season...

The Sephora website provides a quote from Tarina Tarantino as the collection description.  "'Influenced by soaring Moorish architecture and dusty Turkish horizons, Sparklicity Bronze conjures up images of sun drenched vistas and regal exoticism.  Dazzling geometric tiling from the famed Topkapi Palace inspires this sophisticated update of summer colors.  Shimmering neutrals, misty golds, and soft oasis blues lure you eastward on this elegant voyage.'"  So pretty much, this collection looks as though it will be a bronze version of last holiday's Sparklicity Gold.  With the addition of shades of blues instead of just neutrals.  I have been trying to work some blue shades slowly into my eye look, only as a accent in the crease.  I am looking forward to seeing if this eye palette will work with this look.

The new Sparklicity Bronze products...

Sparklicity Bronze Eye Shadow Palette - A palette with eight full-sized, naturally neutral shadows.  Sparkle is a state of mind and this palette of shadows allows you to indulge in a little shimmer and shine.  To make your eyes twinkle like jewels, each of these neutral shades contain long-wearing, high intensity pigments and is infused with crushed pearl, diamond dust, and silky porcelain.  The large oval mirror inside allows you to see both eyes during application, creating your own personal mini vanity.
- Pearl
- Pearlized Nude
- Shimmering Bronze
- Matte Brown
- Pearlized Pink
- Taupe
- Turquoise
- Shimmering Brown

Sparklicity Pure Bronze - A shimmering pigment for the eyes, cheeks, and lips.  Complete your look with a unique, reflective finish.  This glittery formula is made almost entirely of a pure-refraction reflex material and joins a soft, muted bronze background shade.  This result is a shimmery effect that layers perfectly with the rest of your makeup to accentuate the arch of the brow, eyelids, cheeks, and lips. 

Sparklicity Bronze Shimmer Dust - A microcrystalline glitter for the body and hair.  Sparkle is a state of mind and this product adds a dazzling shimmer to bare shoulders, legs, hair, and the decollete.  Its microcrystalline sparkle pigment is made almost entirely from a reflex material, which creates a luxurious and fantastical twinkle effects in a glowing bronze shade that's perfect accent to bronze complexion.

The only piece that I like in this collection is the eye shadow palette, these neutrals are lovely and I have always found these eye shadows to have great pigmentation everytime that I play with the testers at Sephora.  Not that I need another eye shadow palette, but I would like to buy this one, knowing that I will get a lot of use from it both this summer and more in the fall.  I am interested in the Sparklicity Pure Bronze, it seems like it will be more like a MAC Pigment than a regular eye shadow.  I find the bronze quite pretty though I would only it on the eyes so I don't know that I would need it in addition to the eye shadow palette.  I would get no use from this shade of the Shimmer Dust, it would be too deep for me unless I had a full tan.

Noting that summer, spring, and last holiday's collections weren't all the different, I do wonder what fall has in store for us.  Last fall's collection was the most unique that I have seen from this company in the past seasons so I hope that this one will be among the same vein...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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