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Fall 2011 Trend Preview

Summer is in full swing and now is the perfect time to begin thinking about the upcoming fall season.  Spring and fall are my two favorite beauty times of the year so I always look forward to writing up my Trend Previews (from Allure magazine) and learning what are going to be the biggest beauty looks of the season.  There were some very lovely collections released last fall and I am hoping that this season can match or even top last year's.  For fall, I tend to be back and forth between deep lips and deep eyes and I always have a hint of gold somewhere in my look.  I am so excited for this fall so without further ado, the Fall 2011 Trend Preview (courtesy of Allure magazine)!.

- Floral Lipstick - Designers are quick to whip out floral pattersn in the spring - which is why flower-colored lipstick felt so refreshing on the fall runways.  A blend of carnation peach and petal pink creams looked innocent on lips at Nina Ricci; an opaque rose red matched the blush at Ralph Lauren; and at Jil Sander, red liner and orange-red lipstick created a radiant poppy mouth.  At Ralph Lauren, makeup artist Tom Pecheux applied a red cream to the middle of the lips, then blended it outward; the concentration of color in the center made lips look pouty.

- Clumpy Lashes - References to the 1960s were apparent in the thick lashes at shows such as Gucci and Lanvin.  Makeup artists coated the top and bottom lashes in layers (and layers) of mascara.  "They're very Bambi - individual and even clumpy," said makeup artist Lucia Pieroni at Alberta Ferretti, where she added false lashes.  Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, who loaded on the mascara, brushes translucent mascara on the lower lashes from smudging.

- Low Ponytails - Ponytails reached a new low this season - in a good way: "It's as low as we can get without the hair actually falling out," said hairstylist Sam McKnight at Balmain, where he fastened an elastic just an inch or two above the ends.  Of the many tails that hung loosely at the nape of the neck, Guido said, "It's classic but young - you can wear it with an evening dress."  To prevent a low style from dragging down your face, tease the crown, as Guido did backstage at Gianfranco Ferre.  A little volume up top made the low ponytail "ultraflattering and very feminine", he said.

- Strong Blush - Now's not the time to be bashful with blush.  This season, it was beautifully obvious.  "There's not only one way to do blush," said Pat McGarth who gave a rosy brightness to the models' cheeks, temples, and outer edges of the forehead at Versace.  "On the apples, it's sweet.  Go down and out with it for a flushed, outdoors look" - which makeup artists did at Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs.  Makeup artist Nina Haverkamp says can definitely wear bold blush off the runway - just choose a sheer color, and apply it with a big brush.

- Metallic Eye Shadow - "Fall is all about playing with textures - and makeup with shine and iridesence is exciting", said makeup artist Peter Phillips.  He covered the models' eyelids in a golden gunmetal cream shadow at Chanel, which managed to look both soft in color and dramatic in impact.  Navy smoky eyes got the royal treatment at Jason Wu when makeup artist Diance Kendal dabbed gold in the center.  At Dsquared, makeup artist Val Garland applied bronze and gold with a wet brush for a paintlike finish.  A softer look: metallic cream shadow buffed over lids with your fingers.

- Buns and Braids - The mandate for fall: Loosen up.  At shows including Chanel, soft chignons looked effortlessly sexy.  There was no stressing about perfecting the braids at Lanvin or Emilio Pucci; they were gently wound at or below the neck, and pieces were left to fall out around the face.  For an easy knot like the ones at Chanel, McKnight suggests applying a texturizer first: "If the hair has a bite to it, it helps to hold the style."

- Monochrome - Sometimes, one color is all you need.  Case in point: the makeup at Marni.  Pechrux rubbed a purple pencil over his finger, than dabbed the color around the lashes to frame the eyes and over the lips "to create a monochromatic feeling," he said.  At Rodarte, makeup artist James Kaliardos used caramel-colored shades on the eyes, cheeks, lips, and even lashes.  Part of the appeal of this look is the different application of color over the face.  Pecheux used only his fingers: "When you do that, it doesn't feel like makeup; it's soft, with no hard lines."

- Crazy Hair - Call them overachievers or just a little out there: Some hairstylists used untraditional accessories to construct the more daring looks of the season.  Eugene Souleiman added navy, purple, or dark green extensions to the towering updos at Haider Ackermann; electric pieces were also rolled into the chignons at Fendi.  Other hairstylists added fabric to the hair.  At Thakoon, Odile Gilbert attached pieces of crocheted cloth at the back of the head for a basket-weave effect.  Hairstylist Ted Gibson wound fabric into the Heidi-style braids at Rachel Roy.  "Use lighter fabric for dark hair, and darker fabric for light hair", he said.

I have two favorites trends so far from this report: the Metallic Eye Shadow and Strong Blush.  I already have loved these looks and I can't wait to bring them into the fall season and buy some new products to continue creating these looks.  I have been using strong blush shades throughout the spring and I stopped the look in the summer.  I can't wait to pick it up again since I didn't get to buy every single blush shade that I liked this spring.  Metallic eye looks are always a favorite of mine especially with the use of gold eye shadow and I want to get more into using liquid and cream shadow formulas this fall.  The added photo is from Chanel and shows the Metallic Eye Shadow very well.  I also am going to follow the Floral Lipstick and Low Ponytails trends this fall.

The Crazy Hair and the Buns and Braids aren't quite my cup of tea though I could make the Buns part of the trend work better than any other aspect of them.  From Floral Lipstick, I will only be choosing certain shades, such as reds and pinks this fall.  I won't be getting into the warmer corals since that isn't what works with my skintone.

Time to start looking at the companies' website for the fall collections and to start deciding what trends work the best with my personal style...

photo courtesy of Chanel

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