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Guerlain Summer 2011 Collection - Terra Inca

Every year, Guerlain releases a different version of their famed Terracotta collection for the summer.  Terracotta is a line of top-rated bronzing products and among the most famous in the whole Guerlain collection.  Which is saying a lot, since this company produces a lot of beauty winners in almost every single category.  This year, the traditional bronze products are complemented with pops of colors for the eyes and neutrals for the lips.  Terra Inca is the name of this year's collection and I am betting that it is based on shades that are associated with the Inca tribe.

This collection spans another group of bronzers to choose from this summer.  The offerings from this company are considered the Rolls Royce of bronzers so I am betting that if you can't find anything else that works for you, that you will find a shade or product in this collection that will give you a great sun-kissed look for the summer.  Nordstrom states the following about the overall collection, "Guerlain celebrates the arrival of summer with a color-drenched, incredibly chic Terracotta collection!  With colors ranging from ocean blue, flamboyant orange, and ardent browns, Terra Inca invites you to experience a stunning Technicolor voyage."  I'm not that I can embrace the techicolor eye shadow shades but I am noting that the model for the collection wears the bright eye shadows even though she has blue eyes exactly like mine.  Maybe I can make this one work with a bit of practice...

The new version of the famed Terracotta collection...

Terra Inca Eye Shadow Palette - The catwalks have set the tone: summer will be flashy!  Guerlain reinterprets the trend by creating interlacing, intense colors sprinkled with golden arabesques.  A vibrant orange, an intense blue, a deep brown, and a lighter brown, speckled with with a pale golden tone, can be used together or separately to match your every desire and mood.
- bright orange/bright light blue/deep shimmering brown/light shimmering brown/pale shimmering gold

Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder for Face & Body - A skin accessory between design and desire, this powder is composed of two subtle pearl shades: a highlighting golden beige and a pink bronze.  Together, these shades will embellish your complexion while warming the skin with an iridescent glow.  The case mimics the extra-large wooden bangles worn by fashionistas, making Terracotta Powder the 'it accessory' of summer 2011!

Terra Inca Kohl Kajal - The cult favorite Kohl Kajal returns to light up the eyes with its ultra-pigmented formula.  Its creamy texture glides on perfectly, making it ideal for women who love a deep and hypnotic look.  Applied at the inner corners, the gaze is instantly accentuated.  It is a summer essential!
- Black Frida - deep rich black

Terra Inca Ombre Fusion Cream Eye Shadow - Ombre Fusion Cream Eye Shadow is a unique creation that offers the softness of a powder, the richness of a cream, and the lightness of water all in one.  These eye shadows reveal a spectacular metallic effect by adorning the eyelids with fabulous shimmering reflections.  the effect is striking and will last from dawn to dusk.  Designed to resist heat and dips in the ocean, the Ombre Fusion eye shadows are the first Guerlain cream eye shadow specially created for the summer!
- Bahia 01 - shimmering cream beige
- Havna 02 - shimmering deep bronze
- Maya 03 - shimmering clay

Terra Inca Moisturizing Gloss - Neon fuchsia, sunny coral, flamboyant red: These concentrates of color envelop the lips in delicious sheerness with insolent shine and give an instant radiance boost to the face!  Their secret?  A luminous and translucent formula, free of sparkles but packed with pigments.  The non-sticky gloss can be applied at any time of the day for an ultra-sensual effect.
- Mambo 08 - bright coral orange
- Salsa 07 - bright fuchsia
- Tango 09 -  bright warm red

Terracotta Bronzing Powder - Whether dark or fair, blonde or brunette, Terracotta powder perfectly creates a natural-looking tan, whatever your complexion.  Its unique texture has always been Guerlain's best kept secret.  It leaves no lines or marks, only a natural, radiant, luminous tan as never seen before.  Its formula, enriched with moisturizing ingredients, does not dry out the skin and ensures long-lasting comfort.  An unequaled range of bronzers to enhance all complexions.
- for blondes - three pink-toned shades: 00/02/04
- for brunettes - four golden-toned shades: 01/03/05/07
- for ethnic skin - one copper-toned shade: 08

I am most interested in buying both of the types of bronzing powder that were featured in this collection.  For the original formula, I am betting that I might need one of the ones that are recommended for blondes since they are pink-toned and should be a bit better for my skin that the more golden shades.  I would like to try the other bronzer too since it has been receiving top marks with many of the other beauty bloggers. 

I am intrigued about the eye shadow palette but I will need to see it before I decide that these are looks that I can pull off.  I will need to plan a trip to Saks or Nordstrom soon so I can make my decision (if it is even in stock at either place anymore), I'm not sure about either the blue or the orange shades in it.  I would like to buy all three shades of the cream eye shadow in the hopes that they really are weather and wear proof, since I can't get cream eye shadow formulas to stick around in the summer time.  I will be skipping out on all of the lip glosses, if I want a high pigment product than I will just look for one of the lipsticks from this company

The bronzing products seem to be the biggest hit from this collection with the cream eye shadow coming in close behind.  I am still thinking that many of these shades might be too warm for me but I can still try them at the counters...

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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