Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

Lash Doubling Mascara is my latest mascara find, in fact since it was just included in the Macy*s Clinique GWP, I have ended up with two tubes of it.  Good thing that I have been liking it so far...  We all know that I am extremely particular about mascara and that very few formulas give me the huge lashes that I am always on the lookout for.  My favorite mascara is still Diorshow Iconic and then Buxom Lash and Benefit's BadGal are tied for my second favorites.  I like mascaras that make my lashes look as large as if I was wearing fakes and very few mascaras give me these huge lashes.

This mascara is considered by Clinique to be a volumizing and thickening formula.  "Magnifies lashes to twice their size.  Thickens them to maximum volume.  In minimum time.  Unique tapered brush finds every lash.  For bigger, better lashes.  Ophthamologist tested", states the Clinique website when describing this product.  This formula is thickening, however the standard of many of the thickening formulas is twice the size of lashes and some get all the way to three times the current lash size.  The ones that I have listed above are in the 300% category and therefore give me bigger lashes than this formula can even hope for.  I do not expect miracles from this mascara  and that is how I will judge it knowing that this won't end up being one of my favorites for huge lashes. 

This formula does provide thicker lashes with a two coat application.  My lashes are larger but not the false lash look that I crave.  This mascara is better for someone who would like thicker lashes but doesn't want a dramatic effect, this is a better daytime mascara than a nighttime mascara.  This is a wetter formula and therefore I have found that it clumps easier than otehr formulas that I have tried.  It hasn't clumped much on the first coat but has almost always clumped after application of the second coat.  A lash comb is a must when working with this mascara and let about a minute elasp between the application. 

The tapered brush is a smaller brush than I am used to working with but it still is able to deliver the needed volume.  The tip of the brush really helps to find every single lash and define every single one.  I have found that mascara tends to stick onto the end of the brush and with how wet the formula is, really leads to the clumping issue with this product.  I use this product starting at the base of the lashes, wiggling it while moving it from root to tip. 

This formula lasts all day and I have experienced no problems with flaking.  Once I had a slight issue with smearing, on a day that it was very humid.  I don't think that this formula dries completely and won't work in wet weather.  For removal, makeup remover is needed but it removes much easier than the last few mascaras that I have tried.

This formula comes in two shades, Black and Black Brown.  Both of my tubes are Black.  I bought one tube several weeks ago at Clinique since I wanted to try a new mascara out and then I received the other one shortly after when I went back to pick up some other essentials and got the gift.  This is typcial black shade, dark and dense but nothing unique about it. 

This mascara is best for someone who wants a bit more volume but doesn't want to have a false lashes look.  I am confident in recommeding this to ladies to wear to work during the day but I wouldn't recommend it for any type of dramatic nighttime looks.  This won't become one of my three favorites but I can see it having mass appeal and I think that is the most thickening mascara that is available from this company.  To be realistic, I didn't expect a huge thickening formula from Clinique since that would be very different than much of their other makeup formulations.

photo courtesy of Clinique

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