Friday, May 13, 2011

Entre Derm Night Cream

This is my next installment of what I have termed the Entre Derm series, I have written up the Day Cream and now the Night Cream is the next one up.  I used the Night and Day Cream at the same time over about four weeks and I have been able to conclude what I think of the two creams and most of the overall technology.  The Night Cream seems to be what is termed the "hero" product of this collection since night creams are formulated to contain the highest amounts of the anti-aging ingredients.  I tend to place more emphasis on the night cream formulas from companies, this is where I look for the best concentrations of active ingredients.  My skin needs to be taken care of at night and my day products are mostly for a light hydration and SPF protection. 

During the overview of the this company's technology, we discussed the Somazone technology that is present in this line of anti-aging skincare products.  The technology will in the highest concentration in the Night Cream, making it to be the strongest of the Entre Derm products.  Somazone techonology takes the largest particles (those that can't always be absorbed into the skin without help) and uses their patented system to channel them deep into the skin.  This cream is taking the collagen proteins and sending them deep into the skin throughout the night with use of this product. 

"Entre Derm Night Cream works during the body's sleep cycle to deliver higher concentrations of active anti-aging ingredients to the skin overnight.  The Night Cream contains Collagen, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Emu Oil that attach to our patented Somazone molecules that squeeze through the epidermis, allowing direct delivery where it's needed most. This unique formula helps smooth and fill fine lines, decrease wrinkles and work to dramatically improve your skin's tone and texture.  Entre Derm Night Cream is designed to strengthen the effects of Entre Derm Day Cream.  Together, this intensive rejuvenation duo begins to transform your skin overnight", states the Entre Derm website when describing the product. 

I used this product as the company suggested, in conjunction with the Day Cream.  One at night, one int he morning.  I can't speak for some of the more advanced anti-aging benefits of this products since I don't have the already formed wrinkles on my face.  I was using this product as a preventative instead of using to really repair signs of aging.  I was happy with the results in this form, but I can't fully comment on all the aspects in this regard.  I first started using this product at the very end of winter when my skin is still dry but is experiencing all the changes that come at the change of the seasons.  I didn't find this product to be hydrating enough to be a night cream.  I tend to think of night creams as being more hydrating than their day counterparts, I was happy with the texture of the Day Cream but I wish that the Night Cream would have been richer. 

I like this product however the Day Cream is still my favorite part of this product collection.  If I were to change this product, I would make it more hydrating.  I wish that the company offered the Night Cream in two formulas, one for normal skin and one for dry skin.  I would need the one for dry skin and I am willing to bet that I would really see results from one that fully hydrates my skin and gets all of the proteins into my skin.

Next up, I am moving to the eye cream that came with this kit and being to try this one out.  More to come from this line!

photo courtesy of Entre Derm

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