Sunday, May 1, 2011

Victoria's Secret Incredible

One of Victoria's Secret's biggest releases this spring was their Incredible bra.  And with it, the matching fragrance was released.  I haven't tried the bra on yet but I can state that the fragrance lives up to it's name and is my favorite fragrance from this company so far.  I have never been a fan of any of the Dream Angels or Garden Collection scents, so I nearly passed this one over.  So how did I come to try it?  Actually, I was shopping with my friend in the store and there was an issue with one of the registers sdo while they were solving it, I was free to browse around.  She had already bought this perfume and was raving about it so I decided to try some on.  It quickly made my Most Wanted list and is tops on my shopping list next time I need to go to that store.

This fragrance is described as a fruity floral, but I found it to be so much more complex than that name implies.  "Be daring, be sexy, BE INCREDIBLE" is the description that the company has written on the fragrance.  The website states that the three major notes are "bright magnolia, sparkling pear, and sultry sandalwood".  The pear note is not all that strong on me but the other two really come out.

The top notes of this fragrance are: Juicy White Peach, Pear, Water Lily.  The heart notes are: Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Iris Flower.  The base notes are: Natural Vanilla, Sultry Australian Sandalwood, Liquid Musk, Coconut Milk.  Magnolia is a note that has always worked well with my skin chemistry so I wasn't very suprised when this fragrance was a hit on my skin.  The sandalwood and coconut milk are the other two notes that really come out on my skin, making this fragrance both warm and sophisticated at the same time. 

The lasting power of this fragrance can also be called Incredible, this is one of those fragrances that goes strong all day for me and then I can continue to lightly smell after I shower in the evening.  Magnolia notes usually stick around for a long time on me but this one lasts longer than any other that I have ever tried.  I am confident that this fragrance would be a top pick for me for any day that I need my perfume to last and last. 

One of my favorite aspects about Incredible is how versatile this fragrance is.  This one cound work very well for work since it is floral and not overly musky or fruity.  It is also so feminine that it would work well for a big date or a night out too.  It is rare to find a perfume as versatile as this one turned out to be.  This fragrance was a great choice for a spring release from Victoria's Secret and I am looking to forward grabbing a bottle next time that I am there.

photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

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