Thursday, May 5, 2011

Entre Derm Day Cream

Last month, I wrote about the Entre Derm skincare system that I received earlier in the spring.  That post was an overall description of the five products that were in the kit and how this system works.  To recap, this company uses Somazone techonology.  It is a patented delivery system that allows larger molecules to enter into the skin with the help of this system.  Without this type of delivery, it is very hard (if not almost impossible) to get the large molecules directly into the skin unaided.  This is the only company that has this patent so this is very unique concept and is a whole new way to look at how anti aging products function. 

The first two products that I was really able to use from the kit that was sent to me by the PR company are the Night and Day Creams from this system.  I am starting with the Day Cream because this is my favorite product that I have used so far from the system.  The product description from Entre Derm is provided right here.  "Some skin types are especially prone to moisture loss, leading to premature aging.  Environmental factors such as smoking, low humidity, or extreme sun exposure can progressively age the skin.  Entre Derm Day Cream with Somazone is specially formulated to combat these hazards and deliver intense moisture beneath the skin's surface.  It also gives a boost of collagen while creating a protective outer layer to lock nutrients deep into the skin.  Entre Derm Day Cream can be used anytime during the day and in minutes your skin will feel the difference."

This formula has a lighter texture than I originally thought an anti aging product would.  The Day Cream has a lightweight cream texture that both sinks in very easily and absorbs completely.  I have a very hard time commenting on the anti aging benefits of this product since I don't have any wrinkles yet though I can state that my skin felt very smooth and hydrated after use of this product.  I didn't experience any redness or irritation after the use of this product, which I often times do when I use a more potent anti ager.  So I can safely state that this is a formula that would be appropriate for more sensitive skin.

I used this once a day, only in the morning.  I used the matching Night Cream every night to continue to cycle of the Somazone technology.  I had a good run with these two products, however I don't feel that the Day Cream will be as effective without the use of the Night Cream at the same time. 

photo courtesy of Entre Derm

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