Monday, May 2, 2011

Sephora Collection Super Shimmer Lip Gloss

I can state that this is one of the lip glosses that I am completely safe in stating that almost every single person reading this blog has in their collection.  Why?  This was one of the Sephora birthday gifts that they gave to their Beauty Insiders for one year back in 2008/2009.  We all know that I am a makeup snob and the Sephora house brand honestly never even made it to my standards (in snobiness only) so I would never have used these had they not been free and I was given them.  After the gifts and I few that I ended up picking up for myself. I now have four of them.  What attracted me the most to this gloss formula is the texture, it is very thin and non sticky, along with having a lovely shimmer finish.

Sephora provides us the following description of the product on their website.  "A super shiny lip gloss.  Coat lips with a shot of glistening, glassy color from these innovative tube glosses.  Just a gentle squeeze of the tube sends a wash of sexy shine over lips.  The convenient applicator tip makes perfecting your pout goof-proof!  Available in cream and shimmer shades."  Sephora states that this product also contains thje lip plumping agent, Cinnamel, for a plump lip result.  I have never noticed very much of a plumping result when using this gloss, it is very subtle and had I not seen this in the description of the product, I never would have even known that this gloss had that property in it.  I really don't add this gloss to the list of ones that can also be used as a lip plumper.  It is very pretty shimmery gloss but that is the extent of the finish of it.

This product is available in a wide range of shades and anyone can find a shade (or three) that they like and will flatter their skintone.  The shades are...

- Apricot Souffle - sheer light orange-pink shimmer
- Blue Waters - sheer sky blue shimmer/mutes orange tones
- Bronzed Beauty - red with gold shimmer
- Candy Apple - pinkish red with gold and holographic shimmer
- Citron - sheer sunny yellow shimmer
- Crystal Clear - high gloss
- Desert Gold - rosy tan with pink and gold shimmer
- Feverish Fuchsia - rich mulberry magenta
- Flushed - light magenta with gold and holographic shimmer
- Forever Pink - holographic pink shimmer
- Gold & Glow - sheer gold shimmer
- Hot Coral - berry-coral shimmer
- In The Buff - nearly nude beige
- Limey - sheer green apple shimmer/neutralizes red tones
- Pink Ballerina - very sheer pink
- Pink-O-Lada - rich pink lemonade
- Precious Pink - barely-there sheer pink shimmer
- Pretty Berry - sheer mauve
- Princess Pink - bubble gum pink
- Purple Reign - light violet with holographic shimmer
- Red Velvet - strawberry red
- Rosy Glow - golden pink
- Rusted Rose - rosy-tan nude
- Silver Fever - silvery white shimmer
- Summer Crush - warm papaya with gold shimmer
- Sugar Cookie - sheer champagne shimmer
- Sugar & Spice - rich spicy shimmer nude
- Sweet Caramel - soft bronze
- Sweet Nectar - light peach with gold shimmer
- Think Pink - sheer hot pink shimmer

I currently own four shades of this lip gloss, three of them were in a set that was given to me (birthday gift) from Sephora, the other one I bought off a sales associate's recommendation.  My favorite of the shades that I own is Rosy Glow, it is described as gold-pink but I find it to be more of a rose than a pink.  It is the perfect rose lip tone to wear against gold eye makeup or on a day that I do more of a natural look.  I love this lip gloss and can see myself repurchasing another one as soon as I run out (rare for me with my lip gloss collection).  Precious Pink is almost clear, it is a very sheer pale pink that gives me no pigment on the lips.  It is very basic clear shimmer gloss.  Bronzed Beauty is a slightly warmer red than I am used to wearing and gives me a sheer hint of red, I find this one best in fall.  It created a nice look against a gold eye.  The final shade that I have in Think Pink, the brightest of the three.  I think that this one was my least favorite, since it was bright and sparkly and could be too much against quite a few shades of eye makeup.

This is nice lip gloss but it still isn't in my top five favorites.  The formula is my favorite part, it is very thin and easy for anyone to wear.  This is a starter lip gloss for ladies who hate the stickiness of other brands.  There are some very nice shades in this product, Rosy Glow is a top pick, however very few of them are all that unique and can be found easily in other brands.  The staying power is next to nothing, as soon as I drink or eat, all the gloss comes right off my lips.  I would still like to buy the Candy Apple and Pretty Berry shades for this summer and I know that Rosy Glow will be a rebuy whenever I finish it up.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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