Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lippmann Collection Summer 2011 Collection

I first got a glimpse of the Lippmann Collection summer 2011 shades at the end of last winter during the 2011 Grammy Awards.  I put pictures up of Lady Gaga wearing the Yellow Brick Road shade to usher in the trend of yellow nails for the spring and summer seasons.  Well now the whole collection of shades is finally here and I am happy to report that even if you don't like yellow on the nails (like me) there are other shades for you.  There are four shades in total, which is larger than the past few Lippmann Collection releases. 

The first shade is the one that we have been talking about the most so far.  This is the Yellow Brick Road shade that we first saw at the Grammys.  This shade is described as a "sheer mellow yellow" even though the shade looked opaque on Lady Gaga.  It has a jelly finish so it will be cream with lots of shine when applied to the nail.  I am guessing that Lippmann used several coats of the polish in order to create the full coverage finish.  I like that this shade better now that I know that it is a sheer.  I am willing to bet that this is designed to appeal to both those who love yellow and those who are a bit timid about wearing this bright shade.  So this one might be a maybe for me but I will have to go to the Nordstrom counter first and see how this works on me.  I am thinking this one might be better with a slight tan than my normal pale skin.  We shall see...

The second of the new shades is Lara's Theme, a bright summer neon that was designed with supermodel Lara Stone.  Brights are all over the place this summer so this one will fit that trend to a "T".  This one is a "double Dutch orange" (Stone is Dutch, I believe).  This one looks as though it will be a cream finish.  This one is a very neon orange, which is right on trend with the yellow.  The bright orange is not for me, with or without a tan.  I will be skipping on this one but I bet that it will sell well to those ladies with an affinity for the bright shades.

The next new shade is Girls Just Want To Have Fun, named after the iconic Cyndi Lauper song from the 1980s.  This is my favorite polish name of the collection, which makes me really want to buy this polish.  This is described as a "carefree coral" with a cream finish.  This one reminds me of the shades that were worn back during the 1960s when the beach culture became very popular in Hollywood.  I would wear this with tanned skin, this one will be easier for me since it seems to have a bit of pink in it so I can pull it off easier than the neon orange offered in this collection.

The last shade is my favorite of the collection, we all know that I love the blue polish shades.  This one is great for the summer since it is lighter than many of the midnight blues that I tend to purchase all fall and winter long.  This one is named I Know What Boys Like, more of a periwinkle shade.  The periwinkle shade can be hard to define for some shades, this is one is a mix of blue and purple with a cream finish.  I included the picture of this one in the post so you all can see it for yourselves.  I just love this shade since I very often retire some of my blues in the warm weather.  And I have been loving purples recently so this is another twist on this shade.

I am so excited to add more Lippmann Collection shades to my nail polish collection (I am giving myself a Lippmann Collection pedicure as I write this up).  My favorite is the shade I Know What Boys Like, I will be wearing this for the rest of the spring and all summer.  Girls Just Want To Have Fun will be another shade on my shopping list for summer, this one will be great against white sandals and tanned skin.  The verdit is still out on Yellow Brish Road, I will need to try this one out before I decide on the purchase.

photo courtesy of Lippmann Collection

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