Sunday, May 15, 2011

Melanoma Awareness Month - Tips To Detect and Prevent

In addition to May being my birthday month and national wedding shopping month, it is also Melanoma Awareness Month.  This is the best time of the year to get into some great sun protection routines since we are going right into Memorial Day weekend and then into the next three months of sun and beaches.  I have received some general facts on melanoma and tips of the preventation and early detection of this cancer.

"While the incidence of common cancers is falling, the incidence of melanoma continues to rise at a rate faster than any of the seven most common cancers.  In fact, 1 in 55 people will be diagnosed with melanoma during their lifetime.  However, the survival rate for patients whose melanoma is detected early with an incredible 99%."  Dr. Brandt goes on to state that, "Early detection is crucial when it comes to melanoma.  Prevention is best, but being proactive about self-examination and dermatologist visits can literally be the difference between life and death."  Knowing these somber facts, we all want to start good sun habits this month and continue all summer and well past Labor Day.

Here are some tips from Dr. Brant about how to inspect for melanoma...

- Throughly inspect every inch of skin, using mirrors to help you get a clear view of tough-to-see places.
- Don't overlook areas like lips, between fingers and toes, under nails, palms and soles of feet - these spots can be just as susceptible.
- Use a blow dryer to throughly inspect your scalp - skin that gets a lot of sun and can be tough to protect.
- Women should be sure to lift breasts to inspect the underside - you can still get melanoma on areas the sun doesn't reach.
- Ask someone close to you to help you with your cheek - the more eyes, the better.
- Be sure to use the "ABCD" guide to assess freckles and moles: Be on the lookout for Asymmetry, uneven Borders, uneven Color, or large Diameters.
- If you're concerned about discoloration or growth, don't hestitate to see your dermalogist!  It could be one of the best of the best decisions of your life.
- Finally, preventation is the best cure - be sure to wear sunscreen everyday, rain or shine.  Brandt's UV SPF 30 High Protection Face Sunscreen provides superior protection against UVA/UVB rays while decreasing pigmentation caused by UV exposure to prevent photo-aging.

UV SPF 30 High Protection Face - Formulated to provide advanced broad spectrum UVA (PA+++) protection against UVB rays (SPF 30).  Dr. Brandt advanced sun care helps decrease pigmentation induced by UV exposure; preventing photo-aging.  Designed with dry-touch technology to absorb quickly, leaving the skin smooth and soft with a shine-free finish.  Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Water resistant for up to 80 minutes."

This sunscreen is meets my qualifications for being 30 or over and absorbing quickly and easily.  I received a sample of this product from a PR company and I am very impressed with it so far.  It applies easily and absorbs quickly without feeling sticky to the touch.  It is easy for me to use foundation over this product without any caking.  It doesn't dry my skin out and hasn't irritated it at all so far.  This product also comes in a tinted version too that can be used in place of foundation for light coverage. 

I am hoping that I have touched at least one person with this detection and prevention tips.  I really recommend that you do a full self check and then head out to buy a good sunscreen before the upcoming holiday weekend.  Even though it wasn't mentioned as one of Dr. Brandt's tips, I still believe that one of tje easiest ways to not being tempted by the allure of the sun is to have a bottle tan.  Being a light-skinned, light-eye Irish lassie, I couldn't live without sunless tanner every summer.  I can be fine with my pale skin all fall and winter and even cherish my porcelain complexion.  But as soon as the warm weather hits, I get very self-consious about being in a bikini and even a sundress in general.  Being tan already allows me to not be interested in getting any type of tan from the sun.

photo courtesy of Dr. Brandt

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Anonymous said...

I will not be playing in the sun this summer.....I am totally avoiding it!! Thanks for your tips..