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L'Occitane Summer 2011 Collection - Pivoine Flora

Pivoine Flora is the newest color collection from the French beauty company, L'Occitance.  I have known this brand mostly for skincare and body products but I have never worked with the makeup since it is much harder to find than the other products.  I wish that Sephora carried the whole makeup line from this company in their stores since then I wouldn't have to go to the L'Occitane store to get everything (it about an hour away).  I can only hope...

This collection is based on the blooming of the peony plant that always occurs in late spring and continues into the beginning of the summer months.  I have a peony plant in my yard and I always look forward to when all the pink flowers bloom and make my entire yard very fragrant.  This collection is named Pivoine Flora and is series of pinks for a look that is naturally beautiful.  The L'Occitane website gives the following description of the new makeup collection, "Every year in May, as the spring breeze caresses the peonies, they seem to come to life, dance and spin like graceful ballerinas..."

Here is the collection...

Pivoine Flora Lip Shine - This glistening lip gloss coats the lips with a natural shimmering sheen.  Its light, non-sticky, delicately scented syrup texture contains softening Peony extract to protect and pamper the lips, leaving them looking fabulous!
- Rose - natural rose shimmer
- Brun - warm bronze shimmer
- Peche - warm coral shimmer
- Grenadine - bright red shimmer

Pivoine Flora Color Cream - This duet of colored creams can be used according to your desires, to illuminate amd warm up the face.  Enriched with softening Peony extract and delicately scented, this smooth texture glides on with fingertips and blends easily. 
- Rose - pure rose shade accents the cheekbones while the pearly rose can be used to highlight your look
- Abricot - apricot shade accents the cheekbones while the golden beige can be used to highlight your look
- Beige - chocolate blush accents the cheekbones while the pearly beige shade can be used to highlight your look

Pivoine Flora Healthy Glow Face Powder - Enriched with softening Peony extract and delicately scented, this Healthy Glow Face Powder warsm up the complexion while leaving the skin soft and velvety.  the beautifully transparent texture is perfect to enhance and highlight all complexions.  Can be easily applied with a powder brush.  Simply dab onto key areas of the face (cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose) or over the entire face for a perfectly matte and even complexion.

Pivoine Flora Eye Duo - Enriched with softening Peony extract, these two satiny eye shadows can be used to create your desired look with touches of radiant and contrasting colors.  The lighter shade highlights the eyelid, while the darker shade gives definition and intensity for a more dramatic look.  When you mix the two shades on the back of your hand, a third unexpected color appears, enlarging the palette of colors!
- Blanche Etoile - pale white shimmer/deep navy
- Lilas - pale beige gold shimmer/medium cool lilac

Pivoine Flora Eye Quartet - Enriched with softening Peony extract, the eye shadows of this Petals Quartet, featuring rose, beige, and purplish shades, gracefully and beautifully highlight the eyes.  These satiny powder shadows glide on the eyelid with ease.  The four colors can be used separately for a natural look or combined for a more dramatic result - apply to your heart's desire.
- pale beige shimmer/pink bronze shimmer/medium rose shimmer/plum shimmer

Pivoine Flora Lipstick - This lipstick coats the lips with shimmering color veil.  The rich texture, delicately perfumed and enriched with softening Peony extract, gives an instant feeling of comfort and leaves a light, non-tacky feel on the lips.
- Cuivre - shimmering golden beige
- Rose - shimmering pink with gold reflections
- Fuschia - shimmering pure pink
- Cerise - shimmering crimson red

My favorites pieces of this collection are the lip products and the eye shadow quartet.  The eye shadow quartet will be perfect to create a more subtle lilac eye, I don't know much about the pigmentation from this company but I doubt that it will be as impactful as that of MAC or Urban Decay.  I am a bit afraid to order this product from the website since I can't try them out so I will either have to drive out to a store or find dupes of them.  I love shades from both the Lipstick and the Lip Glosses.  The Lipstick choice for me will be the Rose shade, this one will be an easy rose for me to pull off, both with a tan and in the winter months.  I also love the Cerise on first glance, but I would order the Rose shade first to see how this formula works and if I would like it in a more dramatic red.  Lip Gloss-wise, I need that Rose shade, I bet this one will be perfect for a naturally pretty look.

I will be conservative in ordering the makeup the first time, the Rose shades will be easy for me to pull off whatever the pigmentation ends up looking like on.  I really wish that Sephora would carry this color line in their store...

photo courtesy of L'Occitane

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