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Laura Mercier Summer 2011 Collection - Portofino

Portofino is listed as one of the most beautiful places to vacation so it is no surprise to me that Laura Mercier's summer collection is based on this European playground.  I would love a little European jaunt this summer but at the moment, it is looking like this collection might be the closest way for me to experience Portofino.  The model for the collection is wearing a blue eye shadow so I don't know that this might be the best collection for me.  In this collection, Laura Mercier also features all of their body bronzers, which I have heard are wonderful so I might have to try one of these out instead.

"Escape to picturesque Portofino with this chic collection of crisp whites, deep water blues, and lush warm crimsons", states the Laura Mercier website when they gave the overview of the collection.  I don't quite think many of these shades are my style but I bet that they will sell very well and will be a hit for someone with a warmer complexion than mine.

The collection...

Eye Colour Palette - Laura Mercier Riviera Eye Colours is an eye shadow palette containing four "of the moment" shades, with a custom design from the Portofino collection.  Pair it with Laura Mercier's Eye Colour Brush.  Includes deep water blue, sandy beige, soft sky blue, and crisp white.  Limited edition.

Sheer Creme Glow - This ultra-sheer, blendable face colour highlighter, part of the Portofino Collection, was inspired by Laura's work with celebrity clients, who wanted a product to "wake up" their skin and give them an immediate healthy glow.  Sheer, creamy, luminous highlighter gives skin a natural radiance.
- Golden Pink - warmed toned nude pink

Lip Glace - Laura Mercier Lip Glace is a high-shine, perfectly pigmented lip gloss with rich, long-lasting colour and brilliant shine that creates the appearance of fuller lips.  Any skin tone is virtually enhanced by creating a subtle contrast in texture.  Contains the Laura Mercier Lip Complex which hydrates and protects lips leaving a wonderfully smooth surface.  Lip Complex is a unique blend of moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and plumping ingredients to boost the performance of the Lip Glace.  Non-sticky gloss formula plumps and conditions lips.  Lays down evenly without feathering or bleeding.  Adds a glamorous touch without looking too heavy.  Available in a variety of coverages (sheer, medium, and full) and finishes (shine, sheen, and shimmer).
- Nectar - sheer coral peach

Creme Lip Colour - Laura Mercier Creme Lip Colour now changes the way you feel about lipstick in one swipe in the newest, revolutionary lip colour formula.  The wide range of shades and finishes enhances your lips' appearance, protects them from the elements, provides hydration, and cares for the lips like skincare.  Lip Colour Complex is a unique blend of moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and plumping ingredients to the boost the performance of the lip colour.  Offers Vitamins A & E as powerful antioxidants to soften, soothe, and conditions lips for plumper, smoother, and healthier looking lips.  Long-lasting coverage with a modern sheen.  Colour is refreshed each time lips are pressed together.  Application is always fresh and flawless.
- Sunrise - rich orange red

Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 is a lightweight, buildable sheer foundation that delivers a youthful, radiant finish, while protecting skin from the damaging rays of the sun with SPF 20 protection.  Skin-friendly formula contains a unique Dewy Complex that is proven to keep the skin moisturized and better equipped to combat external aggressors and irritants.  Layer with other foundations for a custom blend and radiant finish.  Long-wearing formula stays colour-true and even.  Mix 50% Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer into your foundation for SPF protection.  For an instant boost - press Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer onto the high points of the cheekbones over any foundation formula.  Non-comedogenic.
- Bronze Radiance - coppery brown beige/for dark to deep complexions with warm undertones

Body Bronzing Makeup - Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup instants reveals healthy, radiant, bronzed skin without long term commitment.  Satiny smooth formula with light reflective particles helps disguise imperfections.  Adds a subtle all-over sheen.  Lightly scented with Almond Coconut Milk.  Streak-free, transfer resistant and easily washes off when ready.  Available for a limited time only.

Bronzing Gel - Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel is a lightweight gel bronzer that smoothes on evenly and blends perfectly leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated.  Sheer formual enhances a tan and adds a warm glow.  Pigment blends flawlessly into skin.  Best used on clean skin.  Can be applied lightly over Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation.  Should not be used after powder.  Works for all skin types.

Tightline Cake Eye Liner - Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner is an easy-to-use, cake eye liner that delivers long-lasting colour payoff that doesn't fade throughout the day for flawlessly defined eyes.  Now available in 6 smudge and transfer-resistant, colour true shades, the formula glides on the lash line smoothly and stays all day long.  A makeup artist's secret, with Tightline Cake Eye Liner with the Flat Eye Liner Brush to perfect Laura's "tightline" technique. 
- Black Ebony - deep carbon black
- Bleu Marine - deep navy blue
- Charcoal Gray - soft gray
- Forest Green - medium pine green
- Mahogany Brown - deep brown
- Plum Riche - medium purple violet

Eye Pencil - Laura Mercier Eye Pencil is a smoothly textured eye pencil that provides precise definition & easy, smooth application.  Applies evenly without "dragging" or pulling the delicate eye area.  Produces clean, precise lines.  Can be sharpened to an extremely, fine point without breaking off.
- Black Extreme - pure black
- Midnight Bleu - navy blue
- Special Brown - deep brown

Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara - Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara dramatically thickens, lengthens, and curls and sculpts lashes with each stroke.  The lightweight, nutrient-rich formula leaves lashes super-shiny, soft and clump-free all day long.  For thicker, more voluminous lashes.  Innovative bristled bullet-shaped brush is perfectly engineered to work harmoniously with the Advanced Natural Cotton Fiber-infused formula to provide high volume, thickness, suppleness, and resistance.  Uses advanced hair care technology to coat lashes with  a "glazing" gel-formula that sculpts, holds, and sets each lash for maximum impact.  Super-thick, super-full, super-long, super-curled, super-dark.
- Black - black

Eye Colour Brush - Laura Mercier Eye Colour Brush is a soft 100% natural brush perfectly sized to apply Laura Mercier "cashmere" eye colour to the eye lid and brow bone.  Flat bristles with tapered, oval tip.  Gently blends edges.

I like many of the items in this collection but I don't know that I will love many of the shades on my skin.  I would like to try the Body Bronzing Makeup for going out in the summer.  The Tightline Cake Eye Liner is a brand new product for this company and I haven't heard much about this product yet but I am excited to try it because I still have not mastered the skill of tightlining yet.  The lasst piece of the this collection that I want to buy is the Sheer Creme Glow, since it is more pink than bronze.  All of the lip colors will be too wamr for me and the eye quad contains the blue that I wouldn't wear.  So not my favorite collection of this season however this will be very pretty on someone with much warmer skin than myself.

photo courtesy of Laura Mercier 

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