Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette in Angeles

A Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette nevers fails to make me stop in my tracks when shopping and forget why I was in Sephora in the first place.  It amuses so much how I love these eye shadow palettes since nothing else in her makeup line could be called remarkable or unique.  It seems to me like all the design talent that was meant to go into this line went right into the palettes and then there wasn't much left over for anything else (unless her lip products have done a 180 since I last tried them).  Her newness palette for the spring/summer, named Angeles, has just been released and the white package of this product is what drew my attention to it initially.

All of the palettes are made to create a smoky eye look, a look that Kat has favored for years.  All of the palettes create a different version of the smoky eye, this newest one for summer looks as though it would create more of a bronze and aqua look than the traditional black and gray looks that we see all winter.  Like some of her other palettes, this one contains seven powder shadows and then one cream shadow that can be used to highlight.  "A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery - create your own with the True Romance Eye Shadow Palette.  Designed especially for Sephora by reality television star Kat Von D, this artistic spectrum of shades will bring a touch of edgy-glam to your look.  The palette's sleek compact is stenciled with imagery inspired by an old-world romantic place and is itself a tattoo-inspired work of art", states the Sephora website in the overall product description. 

The shades contained in this palette are...

- Venus - shimmer bronze
- Leather - matte dark chocolate brown
- Specimen - pearly medium brown
- Rehab - pearly beige
- Peggy - pearly turquoise
- Bukowski - pearly aqua
- Bellbottom - pearly slate blue
- Morphine - cream iridescent white

All of the shades are the traditional powder format except the Morphine, which is the shade in the cream formula.  I love the traditional powder.  It goes on very pigmented and lasts all day (when layered over an eye shadow primer).  The powders are also quite soft and are very easy to blend, helping to create the smoky eye effect.  This powder shadow formula contains three active ingredients to set this one apart from on the ones on the rest of the market.  Squalane is a plant derived antioxidant with well documented rejuventating characteristics.  Lauroyl Lysine is an ingredient that acts like a tattoo for your eyes and is an amino acid that ensures a longer wear time on the pigment used to create the shadow.  Glyceryl Caprylate is a hydrating ingredient helps each shadow avoid flaking and chalking and also helps to adhere the shadow to the eye lid.  Kat Von D's eye shadows are certainly unique so I can say that these ingredients must work that way they are made to.

I can speak from experience that Kat's bronze and gold shades are among the best in her palettes.  Since this palette is almost half bronze, I will stand behind all four of those shades.  I have not worked with her blues yet however all of her greens and olives are also very high rated shades.  My only major dislike of the palette is the cream shadow shade since I normally have a harder time worker with a combination of creams and powders.  I love half of this palette but since all the blues are in it, I can't really say that I would buy it since it would be a waste for me to only use the bronze shades.  I would LOVE if this company would start using this eye shadow powder formula to make single eye shadows so I can keep collecting all the bronzes and golds in this formula.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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