Tuesday, May 10, 2011

C.O. Bigelow Lime and Coriander

As soon as the warm weather begins, I become a body wash junkie instead of a body lotion junkie.  It seems that onvernight, my skin becomes much less dry and as the humidity rises, I don't need body lotion everyday and alternating all types of scented washes are revolving through my shower.  My major requirement this time of the year until Labor Day is that the fragrances are light and crisp, whether they be fruity, floral, or on the sweet side.  Most of the time, I alternate between Philosophy 3-in-1s and Bath and Body Works Shower Gels but sometimes I find a new product in an unexpected place.

A favorite of mine in the current rotation is the C.O. Bigelow Lime and Coriander Body Wash, a wash that is found only in a few Bath and Body Works and that I wouldn't even have noticed had one of their managers not brought it over to show me.  I tend to get distracted by bright colors when I go shopping in the summer time so I get very excited when someone shows me something that I never would have seen otherwise.  "This refreshing body cleanser provides a rich, creamy lather while gently cleansing the skin.  Formulated with hydrating sodium PCA (a naturally occuring humectant that draws moisture to the skin) and soothing aloe vera to help skin maintain a perfect moisture balance."  This product is "fragranced with a fresh citrus burst of effervescent lime and exotic coriander leaves".

This is a lovely fragranced wash and is among the most unique that I own.  It balances the tart lime fragrance with the herbs and becomes a light, refreshing fragrance on the skin.  This scent could be used by either gender and fades very quickly after rinsing so it doesn't compete with anything that I put on in the morning.  This shower gel was also featured in one issue of Allure from last summer as an Editor's pick for summer beauty products.  The formula also lives up to my high expectations of products from the C.O. Bigelow line.  It foams up like crazy on a shower puff and rinses cleaner than many other body washes that I have ever tried.  It has not dried out my skin at all, which can be rare among certain types of body washes.

I only bought this fragrance in the shower gel but it is also available in a matching body lotion, which will end up on my shopping list the next time that I go to only Bath and Body Works around me that offers this line.  The lotion contains olive and borage oils for hydration and aloe vera for both it's hydrating and soothing properties on my skin.  I use this fragrance so much in the warm weather that I think the lotion would be the perfect complement for it in the winter (I love "eternal summer" feeling in my shower) or to use to hydrate and soothe my fake tans. 

This isn't the only scent in the line of C.O. Bigelow cleansers and lotions so I do want to go back to that store to check out the rest.  This find proves that some days it is best to walk around the whole store and look at every single product that you can find instead of running in and out in a hurry.  Or when times permits, I should say.

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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