Friday, July 22, 2011

Bath and Body Works Double Delish Lip Gloss

Bath and Body Works has revamped and re-released their entire Liplicious gloss line.  Some of the shades have been repackaged and some of the shades are brand new for the fall season.  I was a bit bummed when their Coconuts line of glosses went on sale but I picked up an extra Coconut Mango to last me through the summer and now I am getting my makeup collection ready for the fall.  Double Delish is one of the new groups of Liplicious that have just been released and is a great collection is you love yummy, sweet lip glosses. 

Double Delish is a little line of four lip glosses each of which contain two sheer shades of lip gloss.  Each shade has a different flavor and they combine together to make the gloss even better.  The two flavors complement each other and create onle yummy little lip gloss!  This collection contains one flavor that I find appropriate for this time of the year (Strawberry Lemonade) and three other shades that I would hold off until the fall to wear.

"Our fun, new side-by-side formula gives you the perfect combination of flavor and shimmery shine!  What's better than your 2 favorite flavors - combined?"

Strawberry Lemonade is the first of the four flavors, the only one that I find appropriate for use at the moment.  These glosses are rather strongly scented and this is the best one for the wamr weather months.  This one is a perfect mix of the tart lemonade and a bit of sweet strawberry, the Bath and Body Works website stated that this is made to be a "sweet" lip gloss but I found it more on the tart side.  I must note all of the glosses are very sweet and this one seemed very tart next to them but my perception could have been off.  This gloss may just be less sweet than the others, which are very sweet.  "A pink and gold side-by-side shimmer", this one applies a warm sheer pink with a bit of gold sparkle.  This one is best worn with a tan or by someone who has more of a warmer skintone.  I could only pull this shade off with a tan and therefore I do wish that this shade had come out earlier in the summer.  For that reason, I skipped this shade but I would consider purchasing it next summer when I have a full season of wear to get from it. 

Salted Caramel is the second of the new lip glosses, this one was inspired by their very yummy Salty Caramel candle (a favorite of mine since I first smelled it in the end of March).  This one smells exactly like caramel ice cream when it is first smelled but turns more into a sweet butter scent when applied to the lips.  This is the sweetest one of the bunch, "a tantalizing twist of sweet and creamy caramel with a touch of salt".  This one is so sweet that I almost found it sickening after a hour or two of wear.  The scent alone made me want to skip out on it which isn't a bad thing since I dislike the color of the gloss too.  "A bronze and white side-by-side shimmer", this one is best for warm and tan complexions, neither of which I am very much.  This shade really washed me out and therefore I would skip on this one anyway, even if I did like the fragrance.

The third shade is the only one that I ended up really liking from these selections.  Apple Cinnamon is the most pigmented of the shades and is also the yummiest of the scents.  This one is a very strong scent so it is best left for fall, I wore it for a bit yesterday after purchasing it but I will save the tube for October after this.  This scent is a very sweet blend of apples and cinnamon, it reminds me of apple cider but with lots of added sugar.  It is a bit too sweet for me to wear everyday since the scent is very strong but I still am quite fond of it.  This is going to be one of those glosses that I can wear about two or three days in a row and then I will not be able to stand it for about a whole week.  This shade is a "delicious blend of crisp apple and sweet cinnamon".  This scent is not crisp, the apple note is more sweet than anything else.  This one is described as a "pink and neutral side-by-side shimmer".  This one applies as more of a sheer red pink and appears on the lips with only one application.  This is my favorite of the four, I love both the scent and the shade.  I can't wait for the fall so that I can wear it more.

The last shade is my least favorite of the group.  Peanut Butter and Jelly just turns my stomach and I could barely smell this one in the tube.  My brother is very allergic to peanuts so peanut butter is a forbidden substance in my life, I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but I can't handle the scent or smell of straight peanut butter.  So this one was an automatic "no" for me.  "A creamy blend of delicious peanut butter and sweet jelly", the jelly note is a grape scent.  The scent is very strong on the peanut buter and is another scent that I found too strong to wear on a dailty basis.  The shade combination is the oddest of the group, "a bronze and berryside-by-side shimmer".  The bronze is warm and the grape is cool and they just don't mix very well together.  The bronze came out more when I put it on and I failed to find this shade at all flattering, the bronze is best for warm complexions and the grape is best for cool.  This one is also going to look best on deeper complexions, even with a light tan, I couldn't pull it off.

Of the four shades, the only one that I really like is the Apple Cinnamon shade.  This one will be lovely in the fall however I do find that overall the scents are too strong and sweet to wear on a daily basis.  If this collection stays, then I hope that the shades are rotated out on a season-by-season basis.  I could see a peppermint and chocolate mix or maybe a sugar cookie and frosting mix.  A few of the shade combinations are lovely however I can't make this statement for the whole collection.

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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