Sunday, July 31, 2011

Laura Mercier Fall 2011 Collection - Canyon Collection

Canyon is the newest collection from Laura Mercier, a whole collection of warm, earth toned shades.  This one really breaks from many of the fall collections that we have checked out so far.  We have been looking at lots of cool toned eye makeup shades so far and haven't really seen many that could create the neutral or natural eye makeup look.  As pretty as many of these shades have been so far, they really have left many women with warmer skintones almost completely out of the fall beauty shopping bonanza.  Laura Mercier's Canyon collection completely answered the call for a more neutral collection and new shades for warmer toned complexions.  On first glance, the shades in this collection remind of the American Southwest and it looks like a collection that could be easily worn in summer or fall.  This collection seems as though it might be better for a more tanned complexion than mine.

Laura Mercier's website states the following as a descrioption of the new fall collection.  "Inspired from the beauty of the earth, cheeks are dusted in sunset inspired hues.  Eye Colours are paired with soft golden highlights.  The look is finished with lush lips in shades of russet, rose, and sienna."  I am very interested in the Eye Colours in this collection since I look golden highlights in my eye makeup.  I would also love a new rosy lipstick or gloss to update my lip collection.

Laura Mercier's new collection...

Cheek Melange - Laura Mercier Cheek Melange is a cheek colour with sunset inspired hues perfect for adding warm glow to the face.  Each colour blends evenly onto skin and provides long-wearing colour.  Oil-free and dermatologist tested.  Perfect for all skin types.
- Canyon Sunset - blend of warm dusty roses, beiges, and bronzes

Sateen Eye Colour - Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colour is a lightweight eye shadow with a creamy powder texture that provides an immediate release of intense luminous colour with superiour blending for a long-wearing, crease-resistant application.  Distinctive and full of colour with one stroke application.  Unique blendability and silky application imparts a supple film of comfort on the skin.  Creates a harmonious blend of pigment and pearl. 
- Canyon Clay - soft tawny peach
- Cedar - warm brown with shimmer
- Pine Bronze - smoky green with bronze shimmer

Luster Eye Colour - Laura Mercier Luster Eye Colour is a luxuriously smooth eye shadow that imparts pure dynamic iridescence with a sophisticated frost finish providing amazing adherence for a freshly applied look throughout the day.  Long-wearing and crease-resistant.  Micronized pigments deliver deep colour in the release of one stroke.  Offers true colour and brillance.  Ultra-refinied for a soft, luxurious feel.
- Chocolate - deep brown plum with shimmer

Lip Glace - Laura Mercier Lip Glace is a high-shine, perfectly pigmented lip gloss with rich, long-lasting colour and brilliant shine that creates the appearance of fuller lips.  Any skin tone is virtually enhanced by creating a subtle contrast in texture.  Contains the Laura Mercier Lip Complex which hydrates and protects lips leaving a wonderfully smooth surface.  Lip Complex is a unique blend of moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-oxidant and plumping ingredients to boost the performance of the Lip Glace.  Non-sticky gloss formula plumps and conditions lips.  Lays down evenly without feathering or bleeding.  Adds a glamorous touch without looking too heavy.  Available in a wide range of coverages (sheer, medium, and full) and finishes (shine, sheen, and shimmer).
- Quartz - rich bronze rose shimmer
- Mauve Plum - deep plum
- Desert Rose - dusty rose with shimmer
- Brick - warm terracotta

Creme Lip Colour - Laura Mercier Lip Colour - Creme changes the way you feel about lipstick in one swipe in the newest revolutionary lip colour formula.  The wide range of shades and finishes enhances your lips appearance, protects them from the elements, provides hydration and cares for the lips like skincare.  Lip Colour Complex is a unique blend of moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and plumping ingredients to boost the performance of the lip colour.  Offers Vitamin A & E as powerful anti-oxidants to soften, soothe, and condition lips for a plumper, smoother, and healthier-looking lips.  Long-lasting coverage with a modern sheen.  Colour is refreshed each time lips are pressed together.  Application is always fresh and flawless.
- Bing Cherry - creme rich burned red
- Espresso - creme deep neutral brown

My favorite pieces of this collection are the eye makeup shades, I have just come to terms that this is going to be a heavy eye makeup shopping season.  The shades in this collection would fall more into the neutrals category and are more likely to be some of my everyday shades instead of some of the special shades that I have been seeing in other collections.  The three new shades in the Sateen Eye Colour collection will be perfect to create a neutral eye for the day and could be amped up at night with an eye liner to make more of a smoky bronze eye.  I like these colors but I must admit that I already own each and every one of these shades so nothing here is a must-buy for me. 

As I had originally feared with this collection, many of the cheek and lip shades are much too warm for me to pull off.  The Cheek Melange is very pretty in the pan but all the bronze in this will be too warm and deep toned for my skin, so I will be skipping out on this product.  Every single one of the lip glosses and lipsticks are all warm-toned and have a strain of brown in them.  Nothing here will work for me so with the exception of chekcing out those three eye shadow shades, I will be skipping out on this whole collection.

photo courtesy of Laura Mercier

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