Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lippmann Collection Fall 2011 Collection

Within days, the one of the first of the new nail polish collections for fall will be hitting the stores.  For the past few weeks, I have been cleaning out my old nail polishes in my collection so I am ready to buy some new ones to replace the bottles that I threw away.  I have never really been one for summer nail polish shades so I didn't buy anything new for the past few months (brights aren't my thing and owning less than five of them is enough to satisfy my urge for a few bright beach pedicures), so I am ready to find some new shades.  Lippmann Collection has released four new shades for the upcoming season, one of which is a collaboration with fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez.  I remember their collaboration with Zac Posen from Spring 2009, the lovely lilac shade that is on may nails as I type this.  I have high hopes for this collaboration!

Billionaire is the first of the new shades for fall.  It is described by Lippmann Collection as a "moody hunter green" with a cream finish.  This one will be great for a manicure against some of warmer toned clothing that I saw in last month's Vogue.  The cream finish on this shade makes it a bit more subtle than if it was a shimmer finish and this just might make it work-acceptable.  This shade will be a good addition to my collection sincer the only greens that I have left in my collection are a light mint and a very deep forest green.  I will be looking forward to buying this shade and adding to my polish shades that are more neutral and can be used in many scenerios.

The second new shade of the collection is the only one with a shimmer finish.  It is named Brick House and the name alone made my laugh and turned this into a must-own for me.  It is a "shimmering rust" and reminds me of a lighter and warmer version of Since I Fell For You (a longtime favorite of my from Lippmann).  This shade reminds me of the shade that the leaves turn during the fall, it is very pretty.  This shade is not very unique and I know that I could find dupes to it from either O.P.I. or China Glaze, I can't state that this shade is a must-buy for me though I would very much like to own it.  I am also afraid that this shade might be too warm for my skintone.

The third of the four new shades is Single Ladies, named after the hit Beyonce song and the dance craze that it inspired.  This one is a "flirtatious red" and is another cream finish.  Based on the image provided to me, this one looks like a traditional deep red cream and I wonder how much lighter it is from Just Walk Away Renee (one of my top five favorites from this company).  This is another one that is very pretty but is another one that I could easily find a dupe for. 

The shade that was made with Narciso Rodriguez is named Stormy Weather and is the shade that I have pictured with this post.  An "edgy granite" describes this shade and it is another one in this collection with a cream finish.  This is the one shade that I consider from this company to be really unique and therefore this is the shade that I want the most from this season's polishes.  This shade is another one that can be worn day or night, for work or play. 

My favorite of the shades is this season's collaboration with Narciso Rodriguez, just as I thought that it would be.  The designer collaborations are usually the best shades in the collection and this one doesn't disapppoint.  This will be my fall/winter designer collaboration shade with Purple Rain being my summer one.  This is strong collection from Lippmann though I can't say that it is a super stand-out, the shades are very nice but there is nothing surprising or unique about many of them.

photo courtesy of Lippmann Collection

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