Thursday, July 14, 2011

French Week 2011 Day 5 - Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick

It was recently pointed out in an issue of In Style magazine that French women are known for wearing very little makeup but always having perfect skin and a great lipstick.  We already covered the Clarins primer that I believe is part of this equation and now we are going to look at the lipstick part of the look.  In Style also pointed out that most French women tend to prefer red lipstick so we will on the look-out for a great red shade in this post.  For the lipstick part of this theme week, I pondered several different companies but decided that Guerlain has always been considered a consistent winner in the lip product category with the additional bonus of a very strong French heritage. 

The Sephora website provided the needed information on the company history and impact on the beauty industry.  "In the world of fragrance and beauty, The House of Guerlain has one great reputation - one of unparalleled devotion to luxury, sophistication, and elegance complemented by unprecedented excellence that has been handed down from generation to generation."

"Guerlain was founded in 1828, when Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain opened his first boutique in Paris.  Trained as a doctor and chemist, he enjoyed immediate success thanks to his revolutionary work, which led to many innovative 'firsts'.  Guerlain was the first to create scientifically based skincare and to sell kohl eyeliner and mascara.  Then in 1840, he introduced the very first lipsticks.  Even years later, The House of Guerlain continued this tradition of 'firsts' by introducing Terracotta, the benchmark for all bronzers, and Meteorites, the first product to incorporate colored pearl to create luminosity and even out skin tone.  Add to its oeuvre more than 700 fragrances (several of which are considered to be among the masterpieces of perfumery), and the Guerlain name has become internationally recognized as a symbol of artistry, superlative quality, impeccable style, and ultimate grace."

The description from Sephora convinces me that this is the perfect brand when looking at French women and their love of lipstick.  I had no idea that Guerlain was so revolutionary in the beauty industry, especially around the inventions in the color products.  This is the first company that introduced lipsticks and now creates many of the most famous lipsticks in the world. 

Guerlain has several lipstick formulas available right now.  Today, we will look at the KissKiss formula, one of their traditional best-sellers.  "Lipstick is like a girl's best friend, her accomplice in seduction.  Both luxurious and beautifying, it's also an essential everyday accessory.  An ultra modern, jewel-like talisman that provides radiant color for lips.  With a name so evocative of all that is fun-loving, sexy, and provactive, KissKiss Lipstick is the perfect choice for every look imaginable.  Housed in a polished gold lightweight metal case, it's the ultimate in modern luxury."

This lipstick is available in six beautiful shades, from the most daring red to a muted neutral beige.  I would go right for the famous reds in this collection but all of the shades look amazing.

- Exces de Rouge 523 - intense berry red
- Cuivre Fusion 529 - golden berry red
- Forever Beige 558 - dark warm beige
- Rose Strass 567 - rose pearl
- Rose Malicieux 568 - shimmering plum
- Rose Miami 579 - vibrant pink rose

Exces de Rouge would be my first choice from this lipstick line and since it is vibrant red, I am betting it is the best-selling shade in the product line.  I find it fitting that the most beautiful lipsticks come from the company that first created the concept of lipsticks.  And how chic are the containers that house this jewel of a lipstick?!  I would love to pull this one out for touch-ups!

Perhaps my look this fall can be learned from the French; red lipstick and little to no face makeup piled on to cover a few flaws...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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