Tuesday, July 12, 2011

French Week 2011 Day 3 - Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

French women are known for their flawless skin and the lack of face makeup that they wear on a daily basis.  In America, I feel like we pile on the foundation, concealer, and powder to cover flaws or try to hid behind a tan (real or fake).  There is a lot that I feel that we can learn from French women and using the correct face products is a big one.  One of the best-selling French beauty lines is Clarins, a line of fantastic skincare, makeup, and tanning products.  Clarins creates many of the top rated skincare products that are on the market today and the best-selling and top rated sunless tanning formulas. 

Clarins was first founded over 50 years ago in a small store in Paris and has since evolved in a worldwide beauty brand.  "Clarins is born!  Mr. Jacques Courtin-Clarins decided to 'take beauty seriously' and opened his first beauty institute on the rue Tronchet offering women personalized treatments and advice.", states the Clarins website in the About Clarins part of their website.  Mr. Clarins the unique Institut face and body treatment methods and created luxury products made exclusively from plant extracts.  The brand was a skincare leader in France by 1980 and within the next ten years, spread out all over Europe as a leading brand of skincare.  In the early 1990s, Clarins expanded the line with the color collection and then went into fragrance over throughout the rest of the decade.  Today, they are a worldwide beauty brand and will only continue to grow larger and better.

My first Clarins purchase occured with the writing of this blog post, I had often looked at their counter before but I had never really stopped and bought anything there.  So what did I buy and why did I decide to purchase the product from Clarins and not another brand?  I purchased their top-selling primer since French women have such lovely skin and I was hoping that I should steal some of their glow for myself.  The product that I purchased fromthe counter that day was Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, a makeup primer that is made to cure a range of skin issues, from pore size to fine lines and wrinkles.

"The modern, magic makeup base that smoothes skin's surface and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pores for a flawless complexion."  This product is housed in a jar instead of the traditional pump bottle or squeeze tube.  It has a thicker texture than most primers and actually melts onto the skin for blending.  When on the skin, it really helps to minimize the appearance of pores and allows me to use much less foundation and concealer.  I can't comment on how it works for fine lines since I don't have any of those to conceal at the moment.

The Sephora website reports on two more aspects of the product than the Clarins website does, the active ingredients and the findings of the clinical trials.  This product contains three main active ingredients: Acacia Micro-Pearls, Pink Pearl Pigments, and Vitamin E.  Acacia Micro-Pearls help to temporarily refine skin texture, filling in fine lines and wrinkles.  Pink Pearl Pigments optically minimize fine lines and wrinkles while softening facial features.  Vitamin E is used in this product to protect the skin while keeping it comfortable. 

The clinical trial results are quite impressive for this primer.  95% of users reported noticing smoother skin, 77% of users reported fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and 73% of users reported more refined skin textures and pores. 

This product worked best for me in the pore refinining and smoothing aspects.  It really cuts down on the amount of other products that I need to make my face look clear and bright.  The texture of this product is much thicker and I found it more hydrating than most other primers.  That being said, much as I love the improvement that this product gives my skin, I will be putting it away for the fall.  It is just too much on my skin with the very high heat and humidity of July.  On the same note, I also don't recommend this for someone with very oily skin, it will be too thick and hydrating.  However, normal and dry skin types will love this product and will reap all kinds of benefits from it.  Just as the French intended...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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