Friday, July 29, 2011

Urban Decay Afterglow Cheek Tint

I have been excited to try this product since it first came out in the spring and I am happy to report that it was well worth the wait.  I have been obsessed with cream blushes for the past few months since I have been told that I look fantastic with bright cheek colors.  Bright cheeks were very popular this spring and are now going to have the same popularity for fall (after a break in the summer for bronzed complexions).  My cheeks are already pink so it is very easy for me to pull off the pale skin look with bright pink cheeks.  I love that I have a look that is very easy to pull off and is still very stylish at the same time.

Afterglow Cheek Tint is a very versatile cheek product, it can be applied very lightly for a just a bit of a glow or buildt up for a stylish bright look.  "Look you're blushing!  Sheer, buildable cheek tints feel weightless and glide effortlessly over foundation or bare skin.  Build your tint to suit your desired blush factor.  Finally!  Sheer, buildable cheek tints that glide on and feel weightless - (never heavy or greasy like your Gramdma's cream blush).  Our techy-feeling tint applies effortlessly on top of any foundation or bare pulling or rubbing needed to make it look right.  And you'll never get that powdery, cakey look that sometimes comes from powder blush.  Our modern, yummy shades include a shameless hot pink, a super-healthy berry, and nautral peachy tints, to name a few.  The formula is loaded with good-for-you ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, so your skin gets nourished and protected.  The color goes on more sheer than it looks in the pan, but since its so buildable, YOU control how much you blush.  We also love to blend two shades together to mimic a natural flushed effect.  Whether you've been a fan of cream blush in the past or not, the shades, the silky formula and the little foil snake on top of our compact will definitely make you a believer."

This is the best cream blush that I have found since discovering Vincent Longo Water Canvas blush (almost five years ago) and is one of the few that also meets my requirements for bright cheeks.  I am using Quickie, a shade that is described a "light pink" but is more of a bright than a light.  I was sent this shade as my Sephora Beauty Insider 100 point sample and I have been using it for the past three weeks.  I have used on top of foundation, tinted moisturizer, and on bare skin.  It blends easily on all three however I have found that it blends the best and the color appears truest when it is used over foundation or tinted moisturizer.  It works well on bare skin but I do recommend to use it with something underneath it to bring out the best in this product.

This product goes on much sheerer than it appears in the compact.  Quickie appears neon bright pink in the package and can be quite scary looking to those who don't often work with cream blushes.  A light tap on the product gives me enough product to create a very natural flush for each cheek.  Swirling my finger on the product picks up more pigment and is better to create the very bright cheeks look.  The product feels almost cool when applied to the skin and blends quickly and easily.  It sets quickly and then lasts all day, I test drove its lasting power during some of the hottest days of the summer and it stayed in place even while I was sweating throughout the day.  This is a great choice to use on very busy days or days when you will be outside all or most of the day.  Once you put this product on in the morning, you are set for the rest of the day.

This cheek tint is currently available in seven shades...

- Score - peach-pink with gold shift
- Fetish - rose pink
- Quickie - light pink
- Greedy - berry
- Bang - bright orange
- Crush - bright pink
- Indecent - peach

I originally wanted the Fetish shade since it is very close to Vincent Longo's Swan Lake.  I now want this shade even more since I found out how much I just love this product.  With how bright Quickle can appear, I almost don't know that I even want to really try Crush since "light pink" in this product is very bright when it is built up.  I would repurchase the Quickie shade should I ever run out of it however I have been using it for three weeks and it doesn't even look like I have touched the product.  I still want the Fetish shades and I want to try the Crush shade too.

photo courtesy of Urban Decay

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