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Too Faced Fall 2011 Collection - Midnight in the Garden of Glamour

Too Faced has released their fall collection extremely early this year, I found this collection up on their website last month when I was looking for a blush that was supposed to be part of their summer collection.  Immediately, I fell in love with the name of the this collection and it began to spark my interest in fall before I was even through with the summer collections.  The model for this collection is lovely and it is evident just by looking at her this this is going to be eye makeup-based collection.  On first glance of the products becomes clear that this is going to be an eye makeup only collection.  This fall season is looking like it is going to be a great season for eye makeup, smoky and gilded eye looks are very popular and many products are being released to feed the frenzy around these looks.

We have six new products in this collection; starting with the eye palette that created the makeup look of the model to a new shade of eye primer and ending with a mascara that has one of the best names that I have heard in ages.

Here is Too Faced's newest collection...

Smoky Eye Shadow Collection - A smoky eye is the most requested makeup look by women seeking a smoldering, sexy style.  We reintroduce this popular collection with a slimmer package and new, color-saturated formulas.  Created for this deeply blended technique, our wearable shades add a modern drama to all eye shapes.
- Firefly - silvery taupe
- White Lie - sugar white
- In A Flash - silver shimmer
- Cloves - bronzy brown
- Nice Ash - charcoal
- Smoking Jacket - black plum
- Up In Smoke - black-brown
- Smokin Hot - matte black
- Smolder - matte navy

Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadow Singles - Our dangerously rich collection of exotic shadows inspire pure decadance.  These intense sating shades were created as the must-have accessory to compliment our best-selling eye shadow collections.  Your lid will be instantly elevated to daring and dynamic with these color-saturated accents.
- Cop A Teal - peacock blue
- Firefly - antique gold shimmer
- Nice Stems! - golden clover
- Copper Peony - copper sun
- Midnight Mist - midnight sapphire
- Petals To The Metal - metallic brown/blue
- Frilly Lilly - white crystal shimmer
- Poison Orchid - midnight amethyst
- Violet Femme - lavender
- Enchanted Garden - golden expresso
- Magic Mushroom - neutral pink shimmer
- Night Nymph - black silver shimmer

Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eye Liner - Our creamy, long-wearing eye liners glide on with the ease of a liquid liner and lock down for 8 hours of budge-proof, smudge-proof wear.  These high-impact pencils comes in six waterproof shades ranging from the necessary classic to cutting-edge couture.  Each includes a flexi-firm, beveled smudger to allow for a smoky blend or precise line.
- Perfect Black- black
- Perfect Peacock - teal
- Perfect Black Orchid - blackened plum
- Perfect Purple - purple
- Perfect Brown - brown
- Perfect Storm - charcoal

Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop - Introducing Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop Color Correcting Eye Shadow Primer!  Our world-famous Shadow Insurance Primer has been infused with a perfect lemon-yellow tone that neutralizes redness and ruddiness while ensuring eye shadow shades are clear and true every time.  Corrective Formula: Our lemon-yellow, neutralizing formula banishes lid discoloration creating the perfect neutral canvas for any eye shadow.  Long-wearing: Exclusive blend intensifies pigments and guarantees shadows won't crease, smudge, or fade.  Smoothing Formula: Our vitamin enriched formula glides over lids, smoothing sensitive skin while leaving behind a feather-light, cashmere finish.

Shadow Brushes Essential Three Piece Set - After 20 years in the makeup industry, Jerrod Blandino brings you a makeup artists tool kit featuring the three, must-have eye brushes that everyone from the professional expert to the beauty beginner needs to build every eye look possible: Liner/Smudger, Lid/Smoker, Crease/Blender.  Teddy Bear Hair: Created using "Teddy Bear Hair", an exclusive, super-soft, cruelty-free, and luxurious synthetic fiber that grabs and blends pigments for a professional looking application.  Do-It-All Trio: Our perfectly edited trio of brushes offer you all you need to create endless eye looks using any palette or shadow you choose.  Resilient: Synthetic hair bristles are long-lasting and clean easier than animal hair brushes.

Size Queen Mascara - Our gigantic, dual-helix brush and keratin-infused, curl-setting formula formula work synergistically to create magnificant, multi-dimensional lashes immediately!  The massive, corkscrew-shaped brush boasts both long, lengthening bristles and short, volumizing fibers to grab, coat, and condition every single lash for a lavish, layered effect.  Corkscrew Bristles: Using both long and short bristles delivers the look of layered mascara.  Flexible Formula: A combination of Panthenol and Vitamins C and E keep lashes healthy with Red Algae increases keratin resistance for maximum lash flexibility.  Big Lashes: In just one coat, lashes are ultra-long, thick, defined, and curled.  Glossy Lashes: Lashes look super black and fresh all day with light-reflecting patent pigments.

I loved the crafting of the Too Faced Neutral Eye Palette and that makes me want to purchase the smoky eye palette.  These palettes aren't really crafted for eye makeup beginners, they have a wider range of shades than palettes for beginners and the looks provided are harder to pull off than those invented by other companies.  I am excited to try the new mascara formula and the new is one of the most clever titles that I have come across in ages.

Too Faced is jumping on the same bandwagon as Urban Decay with the release of the color eye primers.  I don't really prefer the Too Faced formula, it is a good product however there are much better ones on the market.  However, this new version has me very interested in that it promises to make all my eye shadows look clearer and to cancel out any redness on my eye area.  This formula has converted me to trying out another primer from Too Faced instead of repurchasing my favorite one from Urban Decay again.  This is quite a feat for Too Faced and might swing me over to this line for more products than usual.

My top choices from this line are the eye palette, the new version of the primer, and the mascara.  But there are still a few other items that I would really like to own from the new eye shadows and the new eye liner.  The eye lienr formula reminds me very much of the one from Urban Decay however there are too few shades offered for this one to be unique in any way.  The only shade that I would want would be the Perfect Black Orchid, I already own a liner in almost every other shade that is offered.  If I like this product more than the Urban Decay 24/7 Liner then I would consider other shades (but I doubt that this will happen).  The eye shadows are my last area of interest for this collection.  I want the Firefly, Copper Peony, and Enchanted Garden shades, all of which are on the bronze or gold side.  The eye brush set I can safely live without since I already own brushes that do all the listed functions. 

This is shaping up to be a great seasons for eye makeup...  I am also hoping that it contains a few new lip products for me to lust after too...

photo courtesy of Too Faced

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