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French Week 2011 Day 6 - Caudalie Body Product Line

I have often raved about the facial skincare products from the French beauty product line Caudalie.  They began as a facial skincar eline but over the years began to release matching body care products that also have the patented Vinotherapie ingredient blend that makes the facial products so effective.  Caudalie has fantastic spas in major cities all over the world that provide both an amazing pampering experience and major skincare benefits.  A visit to a Caudalie spa would be one of my dreams come true, especially if it the one in Bordeaux...

Bordeaux is a region that it located in the south west of France, a region that has another climate that is suited for farming and agriculture.  The research and theories behind this company actually began back in 1993, when Mathilde and Bertrande Thomas met a scientist who introduced them to his theories around grape seed polyphenols and his predictions on how they would change the face of anti-aging is harnessed and used correctly.  "Over the past decade, Caudalie has continued to wow us with their amazing scientific breakthroughs, revolutionizing the world of natural skincare in the process.  From the groundbreaking discovery of grape seed polyphenols as exceptional anti-oxidants, which was patented in 1994, to the identification of Resveratrol, a polyphenol that activates cell renewal (patented in 1999), to their most recent innovation, Viniferine, a polyphenol isolated from the vine stalk that inhibits melanin synthesis (patented in 2004), each new Caudalie innovation proves to be even more impressive than the last.", states the Sephora website in their Behind the Brand area for Caudalie.

The stabilized Grape Seed Polyphenols help to fight the signs of aging.  "Grape Seed Polyphenols are the most powerful anti-oxidants in the vegetable world.  Extracted from grape seeds, they protect against free radicals that age the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles."  Resveratrol maintains the firmness and youthfulness of the skin.  "In 1999, Caudalie patented Resveratrol,  a remarkable molecule found in grapevine stalks responsible for its life span and longevity (Some vines live for a hundred years.).  Caudalie researchers discovered this unique polyphenol also aids in cell renewal and restores skin firmness."

Mathilde herself actually lists the body lotion as one of her top picks from the entire product line.  "For the body, Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion is not only a great moisturizer, it also contains powerful anti-oxidants that protects your skin from free radicals, which slow down the aging process.  It is also an iconic Caudalie product that can be used daily."  The body product line contains two moisturizers for the body and one for the hand and nails.  It also contains two body washes, one of which has the fragrance of my favorite Fleur de Vigne scent from this company.

The Nourishing Body Lotion is a favorite product of mine, I first bought it several years ago and have been continuning to use it ever since.  "A rich, hydrating body treatment.  Add and retain essential moisture as it promotes microcirculation and helps prevent premature skin aging.  It leaves skin soft and firm."  The Vine Body Butter is a new product that contains the same anti-oxidant treatment but is better for very dry skin.  "A rich, deeply hydrating body moisturizer.  Rich in moisturizing Vinolevure ultra-nourishing body butters, grape-seeds, and shea butter, this balm repairs dry skin with a protective hydrolipic film.  It smoothes rough spots and soothes tightness.  With the delicious scent of sweet orange zest, peach pulp, carrot, and iris, this cream wraps skin in a veil of satiny softness.  In a four-week trial with volunteers, subjects had 65% hydration after 6 hours and a + 95% softer, more comfortable and intensely nourished skin."

The Hand and Nail Cream is one of the best products in the line.  Hands show age faster than the face and therefore a strong anti-oxidant is needed to protect this area.  "A cream for those who want a nourishing anti-aging treatment for hands and nails.  Protects the skin against aging as it hydrates, soothes, and nourishes.  Nails are strengthened and invigorated without a greasy film.  Infused with a sweet orange fragrance, this cream is highly concentrated in patented anti-oxidant grapevine polyphenols and Vinolevure."

I bought both of the shower gels that come from the company, my favorite is the Fleur de Vigne but both scents are lovely.  The Vine Peach shower gel is the one that I match with the body lotion, both have a light fruity scent to them.  "A skin-softening, intoxicatingly-scented body cleanser.  Gently cleanses, leaving the skin soft and subtly perfumed, while transforming your shower experience into a moment of total relaxation.  Vine Peach fragrance: the sweetness of vine peach nectar and almond milk joined with the invigorating freshness of mint leaves.  The "peche de vigne" (vine peach) has grown amidst the grapevines in the vineyards of France for generations.  Because of its delicate fruit and irresistable aroma, the vine peach is used to lure insects away from the precious vines, protecting the vinter's crops.  Paraben-, phenoxyethanol-, and soap-free.  Not tested on animals."

I love the Caudalie body products just as much I love the face care line.  The Caudalie products bring a bit of the French Vinotherapie experience to my bathroom.  I really love the Nourishing Body Lotion in this line  and am looking forward to buying the Body Butter for this fall and winter.  If you use nothing else from this collection, I recommend the Hand and Nail Cream as you will reap the anti-oxidant benefits for your hands.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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