Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer

With the heat and humidity that is plaguing my area of the country at the moment, I have scaled back my makeup routine to eliminate any type of foundation.  I am now using a combination of tinted moisturizer, a bit of spot concealer, and then some bronzer to top it all off.  Instead of repurchasing my stand-by Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, I decided to try out one of the unopened samples that I found in my makeup collection.  I remember being very interested in the Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer when it first came out but I was half way through a tube of the Laura Mercier and very much in love with it.  I got a very large sample of the Smashbox product from Sephora and I deicded to put it away until I was finished with the Laura Mercier product.  And then I completely forget about it since I use foundation and any type of face product very slowy. 

To begin with, I only use Tinted Moisturizers (from any brand) in the warmer weather.  If I plan to use one instead of a typical foundation, I only apply a facial sunscreen to my face and skip the moisturizer all together.  I can only really do this in the warm weather when my skin gets oily enough that it can hydrate itself with only a little boost from a very light face product.  Also all the self-tanner that I use in the summer helps to make my skintone look much smoother and more even, allowing me to use a lighter coverage than I would in the winter.

"Our new lightweight, oil-free tinted moisturizer is packed with vitamins and anti-aging peptides for naturally raidant skin.  The unique citrus honey moisturization technology nourishes as it absorbs excess oil throughout the day, and UVA/UVB SPF 15 guards against future damage so skin stays flawless and protected."  In addition to a product description, the Smashbox website provides several tips to enhance the usage of this product.  "For longer wear, apply Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer over the Photo Finish Foundation Primer of your choice using fingertips.  Luminous can be worn alone or mized with Fair, Light, or Medium shades for a soft, all-over glow."

Luminous is the shade that I was given in this product, this is the multi-purpose neutral shade that can be used by anyone who has a skintone from fair to medium.  This one works quite well with the results of the self-tanner on my face and I would use the Fair shade only if I would use this product in the spring or fall.  For summer, Luminous is my top choice since most people's skin is constantly changing hues due to sun and tan fading.  This one covers the range of shades that my skin is in the warmer months. 

This tinted moisturizer provides very sheer coverage with one coat and would need to be built up with two coats or use of another product to reach a medium coverage finish.  I use one coat of this product to set a base and then use a spot concealer on dark circles and any areas of uneven pigmentation.  The finish of this product is sheerer than the Laura Mercier version, this one can't be used in place of foundation if you want a medium coverage without the feel of a foundation.  Smashbox recommends that this product be used with a primer underneath (of course one of their's is the pick!) and I did try to use it that way.  I am currently using a Clarins primer that I found to be a bit to heavy for the summer so with the combination of the two products, it was no difference than wearing a full coverage foundation.  Which totally defeated what I was trying to achieve with the use of the tinted moisturizer formula.

The only major dislike that I have with this product is the inadequate sun protection.  SPF 15 is never enough for me and this product is applied sheerly so the SPF never really penetrates and covers every single area of the face.  I find it very irresponsible of many beauty companies to try and tell people that using SPF in foundations, tinted moisturizers, or powders is enough for full protection.  It isn't and it never will be.  I never look at SPF in any face product of mine, I prefer to buy my own sunscreen and use it in combintion with the rest of my facial care products.

This product is lovely if you want a tinted moisturizer with sheer, buildable coverage.  This is a product is best for skin that needs very little hydration and only in times that a separate hydrator isn't needed.  This product is best layered over sunscreen since the SPF is minimal at best.  The Luminous shade is a great choice to use on summer skin that changes shade with the sun and tanning products.  I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone with dry skin or that needs a medium to full coverage.  It helps to make my skin look lovely and natural in the warm months and (in tandem with self-tanner and bronzer) gives my skin a great glow.

photo courtesy of Smashbox

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