Monday, November 7, 2011

China Glaze Holiday 2011 Collection - Let It Snow

Let It Snow is the newest color collection from China Glaze, I have been loving China Glaze since the beginning of the summer and therefore I get really excited when the new collections come out.  After the last weekend, thoughts of snow make me gag but I am still excited for the new shades from China Glaze.  I am hoping that snow will hold off for the rest of the month and that fall will hold out for at least a few more weeks.  Personally I hate snow and I would love for it to never snow again but since that isn't a reality, I will try to embrace snow and winter a little bit for the next few months...

This collection reminds me very much of the Lippmann Collection holiday colors since it contains lots of glitters and reds.  Glitters are huge this holiday and I might have to splurge on a few from this collection even though I don't wear them on a regular basis.  I am even starting to shed my Grinch image about the holidays when I see these lovely nail polish shades and I really want to wear some bright reds and glitters this season!
Here is the newest China Glaze collection...

- Snow Globe - clear base with large silver glitter that can be used as a top coat or alone
- Twinkle Lights - clear base with gold, red, and green glitter
- Champange Bubbles - light gold metallic base with shimmer
- Holly-Day - deep green with a cream finish
- Glittering Garland - dark green base with green microglitter
- Velvet Bow - deep berry cream
- Winter Berry - medium cool red cream
- Ring in the Red - medium cool red base with red glitter
- Poinsetta - bright cool red cream
- Blue Year's Eve - deep cool blue shimmer
- Tinsel Town - mixture of charcoal and silver glitter
- Icicle - silver shimmer

All of the shades are offered for purchase in the single bottles and China Glaze has also created gift sets of the sets that are perfect if you love the whole collection or want to give China Glaze as gifts.

- Carry Me Away For the Holidays - Velvet Bow/Poinsetta/Tinsel Town/Icicles
- Deck the Halls - Champagne Bubbles/Glittering Garland/Poinsetta
- Belle of the Ball - Champagne Bubbles/Tinsel Town
- Holly Bear-y - Holly-Day/Winter Berry
- Berry Sweet - Velvet Bow/Ring in the Red
- Seasonal Sparkles - Twinkle Lights/Holly-Day/Poinsetta
- Let it Snow - Snow Globe/Blue Year's Eve
- Holiday Spirits - Champagne Bubbles/Glittering Garland/Icicle
- Baby It's Cold Outside - Poinsetta/Blue Year's Eve/Icicle
- Meet Me Under the Mistletoe - Glittering Garland/Velvet Bow/Ring in the Red
- Winter Ice - Snow Globe/Blue Year's Eve/Tinsel Town/Icicle
- Santa's Little Helpers - Twinkle Lights/Holly-Day/Velvet Bow/Ring in the Red

I love this collection especially the glitter shades.  My favorites of the new polish shades is Blue Year's Eve and Tinsel Town.  Since i really love both of these two shades, it makes sense for me to purchase the Winter Ice set (I also like the Snow Globe and Icicle shades) and I will get lots of wear from these shades since I prefer blues and silvers over any other new polish shades.  Ring in the Red is a really pretty red glitter however it looks almost exactly like Ruby Pumps which I already own and don't need a second bottle of at this time.  The last shade that I love in this collection is the Velvet Bow, this one can be worn in both fall and winter. 

There are a few shades in this collection that I know that I can skip out on.  The Twinkle Lights is too holiday for me, the mixture of those three glitters is too much and I would never be able to pull it off.  Champagne Bubbles is the other shade that I really dislike, the gold would not work with my skintone and is a garish shade anyway.

If it has to snow than let's at least do it in style this holiday...

photo courtesy of China Glaze


Cara @ Uptown Twirl said...

Where do you get these, can't find them in Australia xx

queenisabelle29 said...

I have gotten them in two different ways. I order them online from (but they don't have all the shades) or I buy them from my salon (they are mostly made for professional use from what I have been told). The full line wouldn't be easy for me to get if I didn't have the hook-up at the salon.