Saturday, November 5, 2011

Matrix Sleek Look Blow-Down Lite Lotion

The Matrix Sleek Look line of haircare products is one that my hairstylist consistently recommends to me every single time that I come in to get my hair down.  I have been using Jonathan styling products for the past few months so I was tempted by her recommendations however I kept putting off buying products from this line.  But the last time that I was there, she finally got me and I ended up purchasing six products from the line (almost the whole line) and I have been trying them out as I use up current products in my collection.  I bought both of the styling products from this line, the Blow-Down Lite Lotion and the Blow-Down Extreme Cream.  So far I have been using the Blow-Down Lite Lotion for the past few days, I decided to try the lighter formula since I have more problems with frizz and fuzz in the summer instead of the winter. 

The Blow-Down Lite Lotion is the lighter in texture of the two styling creams, this one is best for dry winter hair or for someone who doesn't need tons of frizz protection.  "Sleek Look Professional Smoothing System with 24 Smooth Multi-Mend Technology blends ceramide, shea butter, and apricot oil to help REPAIR damage, CONDITION hair, and CONTROL frizz with long-lasting humidity protection for shine and all day smoothness.  Instantly transforms unruly, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair into sensuously-sleek styles that stay smooth from shampoo to shampoo."  This product is recommended for hair that is  fine to medium textured and is either wavy or slightly curly.  Based on that recommendation, this may not be the best product for my hair type but I decided to give it a try since my hair stylist recommended that I try both styling creams.  This product was also recommended to to me since it helps to protect against damage from heat styling and I heat style my hair every single day.

I liked this product but I didn't love this product, I think that the Extreme version of the Matrix styling cream will be a better fit for my hair.  I used this product on damp hair before I began to blow dry and iron my hair.  The first time that I tried it I used two pumps but I found that one pump is the best amount for my hair.  I warmed the product up in my hands and then applied it directly to my hair.  The texture is very light and worked quickly into my hair with no residue.  The texture was much lighter than what I was used to when using the Jonathan Silky Dirt as a styling cream.  That was the issue with this product...the texture was just too light for it to be a staple product for me.

This product worked well enough during the fall and the winter but it will never stand up to the heat and humidity of the summer.  It helped to smooth my hair and made it soft to the touch, the overall finish was quite nice but it was nothing special.  This product will be best for fine to medium textured hair since it will not be enough to stand up to humidity when my hair is very curly.  This product won't weigh down fine hair, I am betting that the Extreme version will since Silky Dirt was only recommended for thick hair.  This product will get me through the rest of the fall and the winter but when the weather begins to wearm up, I am going to switch over to the Extreme version of the cream.

photo courtesy of Matrix

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