Thursday, November 10, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 - Dazzlespheres

Throughout the holiday season, MAC will continue to release new collection every few weeks.  Come of the collections (like the one that we will look today) are based on gifting and others are based more on individual shades to create a great holiday party look.  Dazzlespheres is the collection that was released this week and it contains a series of ornaments that house small products from the company.  As of right now, I have been looking for small gifts for some of my coworkers and I am hoping that a few of these might fit the bill!

From the MAC website, "Holiday giving goes outrageously festive with Dazzlesphere!  Mini kits for lips, eyes, and nails are packed in clear, couture-future ornaments!  Opulent and sure to satisfy all the nice (and naughty) girls and boys on your list!"  It looks like some of the ornaments contain Pigments, some contain lip products, and one contain small nail lacquers.  I am most excited for the lip gloss ornaments, I love MAC Lipglasses and small lip glosses in general so I considering picking up one of these ornaments for myself along with all the gifts that I need to order!

Here is the new gift collection from MAC!

Dazzlesphere! Smoky Blue Ornament x 4 - Silver Sleet, White as Snow, Winter Sky, and Dark Moon - 4 cool and smoky Crush Metal shades to shake up those holiday - and spring - looks!  Tucked inside our couture-future ornament ready to give.  Limited edition.
- White as Snow - snowy white
- Silver Sleet - medium gray
- Winter Sky - purple blue
- Dark Moon - charcoal

Dazzlesphere! Plum Ornament x 4 - A futuristic ornament packed with four limited edition, mini-sized, stackable Crushed Metals in a passionately perfect array of sultry, sweet, and sophisticated plums.  A dazzling gift for all.  Limited edition.
- Misty - pale silver
- Seasonal Cool - sparkle taupe
- Light Violet - light violet
- Grape - grape

Dazzlesphere! Berry Ornament x 4 - Adding spice to our couture-future ornament: two shades of Roasted Chestnut and Spicy Smoke.  Add Pearl and Rose Light to this mini-set of four stackable Crush Metals and see how brilliant your looks can be.  Gift yourself!  Limited edition.
- Pearl - pearl
- Rose Light - light rose
- Spicy Smoke - dark strawberry
- Roasted Chestnut - deep chocolate with gold pearl

Dazzlesphere! Neutral Ornament x 4 - Our ornament is ready, filled with holiday twinkle and shine!  2 Dazzleglass and 2 Cremesheen minis reveal the dash, dazzle and desirability of neutral.  Limited edition. 
- Boy Bait - light neutral beige with pearl (Cremesheen)
- Bare Necessity - apricot with red and gold pearl (Dazzleglass)
- Overindulgence - neutral brown (Cremesheen)
- Get Rich Quick - warm yellow brown (Dazzleglass)

Dazzleglass! Coral Ornament x 4 - Festive coral!  These 2 mini Dazzleglasses and 2 Cremesheen mini glosses offer opulent variations with spicy, icy shimmer and shine!  The couture-future ornament is dazzling and decorative.  Limited edition.
- Phiff! - sheer yellow peach (Dazzleglass)
- On the Scene - light coral beige (Cremesheen)
- Richer, Lusher - peach coral (Cremesheen)
- Euroblast - peach coral with gold pearl (Dazzleglass)

Dazzleglass! Pink Ornament x 4 - Caught up in a silvery sphere of glam - 2 Dazzleglass and 2 Cremesheen minis in top seasonal shades of pink.  The opulent couture-future inspired ornament in a gift in itself!  Limited edition.
- Fashion Scoop - pale cool baby pink with light pearl (Cremesheen)
- Petite Indulgence - mid-tone bright blue pink (Cremesheen)
- Like Venus - bubblegum pink with red pearl (Dazzleglass)
- Rags to Riches - plum-pink with teal and red pearl (Dazzleglass)

Dazzleglass! Mini Nail Lacquer Ornament x 4 - A must have for that wish list!  Inside the couture-future ornament, four mini-sizes of Nail Lacquer in seasonally-fabulous shades of Mistletoe, Dark Angel, Style Tip, and Much Adored!  Who can resist?  Limited edition.
- Much Adored - sheer white pink with pearl
- Style Tip - soft pink nude
- Mistletoe - pale gold
- Dark Angel - goth romantic dark lilac

I must have two of the ornaments for myself - forget gifts at the moment!  I love the Pink x 4 and the Nail Lacquer Ornaments.  I would buy any of those shades in full sizes and therefore that make both of these sets completely worth the purchase, in fact I could see myself buying the lip shades in the full sizes and then keeping the ones in the ornament just for my bag.  I love the Nail Lacquer in Dark Angel, I might order a full size backup of this one too.

Now as for gifts for everyone else, I might skip over most of this collection.  I'm not a fan of the pigments since they aren't the most giftable item.  I would only buy Pigments for someone that really works with makeup and would know the best ways to use the Pigments.  Which is only about one or two people on my list, the lip gloss and nail lacquer sets are a much better girl option.

photo courtesy of MAC

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