Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tarina Tarantino Holiday 2011 Collection - Aurora Collection

I see that Tarina Tarantino has released their holiday collection in a timely fashion, their fall collection came out so late that I was already in the middle of the holiday collections by the time that it hit the counters at Sephora and wasn't really able to go back and check it out.  I wish that they would have released that collection in the summer months when I have more time to blog and don't have to worry about classes.  Oh well...  The holiday collection looks gorgeous so I am willing to forgive the fact that I wasn't able to get my hands on anything from the fall collection.  This collection contains some great shades of purples and pinks and will work all the way from the holidays into the beginning of the spring months.

The holiday collection is named Aurora and reminds me of the main character of Sleeping Beauty.  I love the icy shades in this collection and they remind me of a Disney Princess waking up from a long sleep.  "Tarina Tarantino took her inspiration for this mesmerizing new collection from the luminous, colorful glow of the Arctic Northern Lights, magically icy landscapes, and wintery dreams.  The result?  A range of stunning products - from shadows to cheek color to eyeliner - that sparkles with opulence and whimsy."  I love the pink shades from this collection that are used on the model and I think that I can make this collection work for me since I have the same hair color and skintone.

Here is the collection...

Aurora Jewel Shadow Palette - A compact with five coordinating eye shadows to make your eyes sparkle like jewels.  These palettes feature five shimmery eye shadows in colors that call to mind the hypnotic nightime glow of the aurora borealis.  Each shadow includes crushed pearls, diamond dust, and silky porcelain for a glimmering effect.  These longwearing formulations feature ultra high intensity pigments and can be applied wet or dry.  The compact's oval shape makes it easier to see the whole surface of your face when applying makeup. 
- Diamond Dusk - pale champange/icy pale silver/medium rose/shimmering medium charcoal/deep shimmering black
- Violet Storm - pale champange/medium forest green/pale shimmering lilac/bright blue/deep shimmering plum

Sparklicity Gloss - A hydrating gloss that adds color and sparkle to your lips.  One of the most innovative lip products on the market, this gloss contains gemstone powders to create dazzling glimmer effects on the lips.  Lip staining pigments add color that increases with each additional coat.  Natural oils and butters provide hours of non-sticky hydration.  Wear alone or over other lip products.
- Paiette - sheer light pink with iridescent shimmer

Fleur de Lash - A superior mascara formulation that thickens and lengthens lashes.  With Fleur de Lash, Tarina Tarantino has combined the best long-lasting formula and a luscious, thick brush to give you traffic-stopping lashes.  Fleur de Lash is like false lashes in a tube, for lashes so beautiful you want to bat them all day long.
- Black Opal - black

Sparklicity Pure - A microcrystal sparkle product to add luxurious shimmer to the eyes, cheeks, and lips.  Made almost entirely of a shimmery reflex material, Sparklicity Pure creates an incredible sparkling effect without binder materials getting in the way of its reflective properties.
- Pure Opal - white iridescent shimmer

Eyelicity Glitter Liner - A collection of sparkly liners.  These three vibrant shades provide smooth color payoff and excellent coverage.  Shades in pink and white highlight and brighten the eye.  Each color is easy to blend after application and is highly smudge-proof.
- Black Diamond - black liner with iridescent glitter

Pearl Glow Primer - A two-in-one primer that adds a luminous glow and primer in one step.  Tarina Tarantino's Pearl Glow Primer is like capturing beautiful light in a bottle and is the perfect shade of "glow".  It also gently moisturizes the skin and creates a perfectly prepped surface for makeup application.
- Pearl - opalescent glow
- Pearl Nude - nude tinted opalescent glow

Dollskin Cheek - A collection of smooth-texture high-definition blushes.  This micronized, high-definition powder features a silky, blendable, and buildable texture that imparts the collection with a natural glow.  It's true color payoff that wears all day long.  For every skintone.
- Carved Rose - cool vivid pink
- Charm - medium rose
- Feather - shimmering peach
- Neapolitan Lane - muted beige pink
- Parasol - shimmering bright pink coral

For the first time in quite a few collections, the cheek shades have caught my eye first instead of lipstick shades or eye shadow palettes.  I must try the Dollskin Cheek product, especially the Carved Rose and Charm shades.  I am forever on the hunt for new blushes and I love the look of very vivid pink cheeks against pale skin, I am so excited to try this product out!  The Diamond Dusk eye shadow palette is lovely however the shades are not very unique and I would only really be likely to purchase this is the pigmentation and formulation of the shadows is very special and unique so I will need to try this one out at the counter before I make a decision on it.  The lip gloss shade is pretty but since it is light pink with shimmer, I know that I already own a ton like it and can safely ignore it for the time being, maybe it will look amazing when I try it at the counter.  Last but not least, I am very intrigued by the primer from this company, this one will be going on my shopping list right along with the blushes.

I haven't used as much fromthis company as I would have liked to before checking this collection out.  The shades that are featured in it are lovely however somewhat generic but I have heard many raves about the pigmentation and textures from this company's products.  If the raves are correct then it would make all of these products worth a purchase since they would be unique in the beauty market.  This is a line of products that I will need to try at the store and can't just order online.  With the hustle and bustle of my Sephora at this time of the year, I may have to postpone this shopping trip until the new year...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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