Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OPI Holiday 2011 Nail Polish Collection - The Muppets

One of the biggest movie releases from this season is actually not a holiday themed movie!  The newest Muppets movie comes out on November 23rd and promises to be one of the biggest hits of the season.  I have loved watching The Muppets ever since I was a child and I am actually planning on braving the crowds to go out and see this movie, this will be the perfect cure for the stress of the holidays and getting ready to study for finals.  One of my favorite aspects of this movie is the collaborations with the beauty companies, I have heard hints of a MAC and Miss Piggy collection that will be coming out soon.  Until that one is released, we will look at The Muppets collaboration with nail polish giant O.P.I. 

This collection consists of twleve new shades, six of which are shimmer finishes and the other six are glitter finishes.  This looks like a traditional holiday collections, lots of color and glitter.  I can see this collection flying out of store this season, it will make great gifts in addition to being a great way to dress your nails up for all kinds of parties and events.  I wonder if this collection will only be sold in individual bottles or if the company will offer little sets in these shades too..

First we will look at the shimmer finish polishes, the more wearable shades from this collection.  The shimmer finishes offer some of the more traditional holiday shades, lots of reds and silvers that are very festive.  Animalistic is the first of the red shades in this collection, it is a very warm coral red with red shimmer in it too.  This color can best be described as a tomato color, it is very likely that this shade is too warm to be really flattering on my skin.  The next of the red shimmers is Meep-Meep-Meep, this is one is cooler shade of red that is a bit more of a berry than a true red.  This one is a easy to wear berry with pink and red shimmer in it, this is then better of the two reds for my skintone.  Wocka Wocka is the last of the red shades and the least interesting of the group, this one is more of a cream finish than a true shimmer.  This is a true cool blue red shade with almost imperciptible shimmer.  I am betting that this one will look very different in different lights and could be very beautiful in the right light, I really like this shade and it will be very easy for me to pull off this season.

The next group of the shimmers is the non-red shades; we have a purple, champagne, and a bronze shade.  The first shade is named Pepe's Purple Passion, a very deep warm plum shade that contains a fine gold shimmer to make the shade more interesting.  I love this shade, it is very unique and this one will be great for the fall and winter months.  This might be my favorite shade of the collection and I will be trying this out. Better is the next of the shimmer shades.  This one is the champagne shimmer that I described in the beginning of this paragraph.  In pictures,  it is a champagne base with very sparkly coppery shimmer.  It looks too warm for my skintone, if it was a champagne with a silver shimmer then I would be all over this shade but since it is a warm than I have to skip over it.  The last of the shimmer shades is Warm and Fozzie, a deep shimmering copper.  This one borders between gold and bronze and is absolutely beautiful in pictures.  Sadly, this shade is not for me since it is very warm and would be awful for my skintone, this is another one that I wish was cooler toned and I would be all over it.

The shimmers were the more wearable part of this collection, the glitters are bright and funky and totally unwearabe in any professional environment.  One group of these are the more traditional holiday shades, we have some reds and pinks and the other group are bright colors that remind me of The Muppets themselves.  Gettin' Miss Piggy With It is a clear base with lots of big red glitter pieces in it, it looks great in the bottle but the pictures of it when applied are not quite as lovely.  I prefer red glitters that are more like China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, a red base with red shimmer/glitter mixed right into the formula.  I will skip over this one and just keep using my bottle of Ruby Pumps.  Excuse Moi! is a red-pink even though it looks more pink in many lights.  This is a bright pink base shade with lots of multicolored glitter in it and I just love this shade.  The color base with the glitter in it looks so much nicer than just suspending glitter in a clear base, I will be buying this shade very soon. 

The rest of the glitters are all the more unusual of the O.P.I. shades.  Divine Swine is a warm plum with a bit of a reddish cast.  This is another polish that has a clear base and glitter suspended in it.  The glitter is both plum and silver, with the silver being a much larger size than the plum.  Gone Gonzo is a bright glitter that will also work very well in the summer months.  This is yet another shade with a clear base and bright blue glitter pieces in it, the glitter is a very pretty color and I would love the color if it was the base color and the color of the glitter.  The name of the next polish is my favorite, Fresh Frog of Bel-Air, O.P.I. does a great job naming their polishes and bringing some fun to the salon.  It is a shame that I don't like this shade more since I would giggle everytime that I used the polish.  This polish is a clear base with bright kelly green glitter pieces in it, I would love this polish to use next St. Patrick's Day but I have a feeling that I would need to layer it over another shade.  The last polish of the collection is Rainbow Connection and this one looks very much like Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday shade.  It is a clear base with chunks of multicolored glitter in it, I see shades of blues, reds, greens, silvers, purples, and several other shades.  I only need one shade that looks like this and I will be sticking with my bottle of Happy Birthday since I am quite pleased with it already.

I love the tie-in with The Muppets movie but I am sad that I will be skipping over most of this collection, I really like only two of the shades.  I like one from each of the finishes, a shimmer and a glitter.  From the shimmer finishes, I love the plum shade with the gold shimmer it, Pepe's Purple Passion.  It is so pretty and unique and I will get lots of use from it.  The glitter shade that I like is one of the few that isn't a clear base with glitter suspended in it, that finish just kills most of the glitter shades for me and will cause me to skip over a huge part of the collection.  I want the Excuse Moi! shade, I love the pink and the glitter combination. 

photo courtesy of OPI

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