Thursday, November 24, 2011

MAC Gareth Pugh for MAC

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am currently biding time before football comes on so I have some time to update and perhaps do a bit of reading for class.  I think that a look at the newest MAC collection is in order before I try to do any type of school work today.  The newest collection is another one in the series of collaborations that MAC has done over the past few months.  I have been really liking many of the collaboration collections lately, I feel like this is really when we are seeing different looks and shades instead of the same ten shades that we see all the time in collections.  This collection was made with Gareth Pugh, a British fashion designer with a taste for the subversive and avant-garde.  His work is often compared to that of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, many of the items that go down his runway are a combination of both art and fashion.  This makeup collection looks very much like what I would expect to see from a company like Illamasqua, a refreshing change from all the holiday collections that we have been seeing over the past month.

"London-based style subversive Gareth Pugh infuses his shadowy, esoteric vision into an exclusive collection for MAC.  Shades, accessories, and design - as stylistically daring as his reputation!"  I see lots of deep shades in this collection with a large emphasis plum hues.  All the shades in the collection are very dramatic and I hope that they have the high quality pigmentation to back up how amazing they look in the pan!

Gareth Pugh for MAC...

Gareth Pugh for MAC Pigment - Limited edition Pigments exclusively shaded for Gareth Pugh for MAC.  The square jar and black outer packaging features the collection's marque.
- Guise - frosty gray
- Deceit - blackened plum with pink pearl

Gareth Pugh for MAC Metal X Cream Eye Shadow - Gareth's Pugh's futuristic vision takes on a striking metallic shine.  On the skin, this creamy powder formula melts into a vibrant liquid metal finish.  The designer's signature style is articulated in the black compact.  Limited edition.
- Ardent - frosted blackened burgundy
- Obscura - frosty gunmetal gray

Flight Lash - A limited-edition lash designed to amplify the geometric intensity of Gareth Pugh for MAC.  Highly sculptured, this dense, dark, triangle-shaped lash is designed for stylish drama.

Studio Fix Boldblack Lash - Fashionflower girl's confidence stems from petal-light lashes that sprout dramatically with a new Mascara that's intensely carbon.  A high-coverage, long-lasting formula matched with a molded brush.  Get lashes that are blacker than black!

Gareth Pugh for MAC Technakohl Liner - Gareth Pugh knows the power of bold.  Soft enough to smoke the eye, firm enough to define a line, Technakohl Liner is the perfect fit for his vision.  Stylishly presented in the glossy black of the collection.  Limited edition.
- Grayprint - rich pewter gray with frost
- Graphblack - rich graphic black

Gareth Pugh for MAC Lipstick - Limited edition Lipstick in shades reflecting Pugh's trademark drama.  His impeccable high style is evoked by the lipstick's glossy black square casing and signature marque.
- Restrict - creamy grayed nude
- Fervent - glossy blackened berry

Gareth Pugh for MAC Lipglass - Unconventionally shaded, pearl infused; shades as deliciously cultish and fancinating as any Gareth Pugh design.  A square vial with sculpted glossy/matte black cap and the collection's signature detail adds to the impact.
- Vacant - sheer light lavender gray with violet pearl
- Outrage - sheer berry with gold pearl

Gareth Pugh for MAC Powder Blush - Keying into the look of Gareth Pugh for MAC, this midtone nude offers a paler yet profound approach to cheek definition.  The defining touch makes this so stylishly Pugh - a dramatically chic square black compact.
- Strada - midtone nude

Gareth Pugh for MAC Beauty Powder - A shade as soft and enigmatic as its name - Etude.  The black compact, a juxtaposition of matte and shine with the collection's signature marque on the lid.  On the powder's surface, an intricate mix of patterns.  This is form, content, and beauty, Pugh-style.  Your entire order ships for free with this item!
- Etude - translucent neutral beige

Gareth Pugh for MAC Nail Lacquer - Shade and finish, this limited edition Nail Lacquer sums up the entire sub-culture mood of Gareth Pugh for MAC.  The square glass bottle features the collector's signature marque.  Limited edition.
- Inert - creamy midtone grayed nude
- Ascension - gray with blue violet reflective pearl
- Hyper - deep blue with violet purple

Gareth Pugh for MAC Square Handled Buffer Brush - Dense, extra-soft; this ultra-full, dome shaped Powder Brush adds polish to all Powder and Pigment applications.  The glossy black short handle with the collection's signature matte marque is distinctly and stylishly Gareth Pugh!  Limited edition.  your entire order ships for free with this item!

Gareth Pugh for MAC Makeup Bag - Dramatic, dark, edgy.  Everyone will know it's a Gareth Pugh for MAC!  Organized with loops on the inside.  Glossy black with matte on the outside.  The key accessory of the collection.  6" x 6" x 2".  Limited edition.  Your entire order ships for free with this item!

Off the bat I can already state that my favorite part of this collection is the Nail Lacquers!  This a great series of shades for those of us who are beginning to get sick of glitter finishes and red shades, I love deep jewel tone polishes in unusual shades so I will be putting Ascension on the top of my shopping list.  My second favorite part of this collection is the eye makeup products, I love both the liners and the eye shadows.  The Grayprint shade of Technakohl Liner looks as those it will be great to create a gray smoky eye, alook that I am looking forward to wearing this holiday season.  I want both shades of the Metal X cream shadow, I want to use them as both shadows and liners, the grays in this collection are simply stellar.  To end out my list on this collection, I want the berry shades in both the Lipglass and the Lipstick, both of these will work very well with my pale skin. 

MAC, thank you for creating a collection that looks like nothing else on the market today and that contains a large range of beautiful shades.  This is the best collection from MAC in the past few months and this type of collection is what I love about MAC!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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