Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer

After finishing up a stint with Amazing Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage, I decided that I had two great options for concealers and I wasn't interested in trying any other brands.  However when browsing at the MAC counter and my favorite makeup artist comes up and offers to do my makeup, I can never resist picking out a few things that she tries on me...in addition to the pile that I already came to the counter for.  Ever since I liked the Mineralize Skinfinish SPF 15 Foundation, she has been trying all kinds of face products out on me since she feels that MAC has one of the best ranges of foundations and concealers.  Since I agreed with her for that foundation formula, she wanted to show me one of her favorite concealers the last time that I went to the counter.  I can never turn her down so I let her try it out on me.

The concealer formula that she prefers for my skintone and type is the Select Cover-Up, a liquid formula that comes in a tube that reminds me very much of the Amazing Concealer.  Perhaps that is why I was open to it, I doubt that I would have been interested in any type of stick concealer.  I wanted a product that is full coverage and is easy to blend.  I have tried several formulas that are full coverage and work well when applied right to the area but are hard to blend (therefore increasing the redness in my skin when I try to blend them).  She assured me that this formula was very easy to blend and wouldn't make my skin redder when I tried to work with it.

"Liquid camoflage for the skin.  Texture-free, virtually invisible.  Comes in a blend.  Blends in.  Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones.  Makes skin flaw-free.  Use pre-foundation or on its own.  Don't reveal it, conceal it!", states the product description from the MAC website.  This concealer is available in 15 shades to suit a range of skintones, my shade is the NC20 (the lightest shade of course). 

This is a very soft liquid concealer, it reminds me very much of the texture of the Amazing Concealer.  Based on the thin liquid texture, I initially squeezed way too much of this product out, dipped my brush into it and applied it to my face.  It took me about 10 seconds to realize that I applied way too much of it to my undereye area and wiped off the excess.  Very little of this product is needed for full coverage especially in the undereye area.  This is another one of those concealers that are best used when you squeeze a dab on the back of your hand and then dip the very tip of your brush in it.  I then placed the tip of brush on the area to be concealed and repeated the motions until I had a line of small dots on my undereye area.  To conceals imperfections and blemishes, the same type of motions need to be used, however the brush tip needs to be placed right on top of blemish.  After getting the correct amount in the correct area of my face, I then use my ring finger to softly pat the product into my skin until the blemish or affected area is well covered.  This product needs to be used with a concealer brush in order to ensure exact placement of the product, I would not try to use this product with only a finger application.  This concealer provides medium to full coverage when used with the above application method.

This product performed the best in the undereye area since it is both easy to use and contains brightening agents in order to improve the appearance of this area.  The softness of the texture allows it to be patted in very easily and without tugging on this area.  The brightening agents really make a difference in this area and allow me to use less of the product to achieve the same result with the Amazing Concealer.  This is one of the easiest blending concealers that I have used in quite a long time so this is one that I really recommend if dark undereye circles are one of your skin issues.  This formula conceals blemishes well but I feel that a thicker, waxier formula is a better choice for blemishes.  I don't have a major need for concealing blemishes, I only have about one or two a month so this doesn't bother me but I wouldn't recommend this for someone who has more moderate acne.

This concealer is a great formula for normal to dry skin types and it works well for concealing my redness issues.  I recommend this concealer for someone whose major skin issues involve undereye circles and don't have issues with acne.  This product needs to be used with a brush so if you aren't willing to work with the brush every morning, then this isn't the type of formulation that you would like.  This type of formula takes a bit longer to work with in the morning then your traditional stick formula however I find the payoff to be much nicer and it is well worth those extra few minutes.

photo courtesy of MAC

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